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travel at top- Steps of Style blogger, Amy Dreyer, brings a few local favorites along with her as she hits the streets of New York CIty.

Adventure Awaits!

Every year, Northland Lifestyle features a 'Wild Adventure' issue. For many, that means exotic travel or adrenaline pumping feats of derring-do. And for some, that means striking out on one's own, bucking the status quo and making their own path. In this issue, we have a bit of both!

Pure Barre

Thirty-plus barreistas attended Pure Barre Zona Rosa's first "Pop-Up" Class in the Zona Rosa Town Square. Clients got their LTB (lift. tone. burn.) in for the day in the fresh morning air! Pure Barre is a fast, effective way to tone and tighten your body.

November 2016 Around Town

Due to Golf Academy of the Northlands’ popularity, professional instructor J.T. Watson is joining the team as an integral part of their continued growth. This indoor golf practice and training facility is the only ‘year round’ North of the river – conveniently located in Parkville Commons. With the objective to achieve and maintain golf skills both on/off season, seasoned instructors…

Too Much to Do and Not Enough Time?

Have you ever looked at your to-do list and wondered how on earth you could ever find the time and energy to get even half the tasks completed? Lisa and Jeff Sevick are making it their business to ensure you get it all accomplished with The Missing Link, the company they created to allow you to have more time to…

Crown Point Tavern

Although this may be the simple definition of the term gastropub, it has taken on a connotation of a trendy restaurant that surely features drinks served in mason jars and unironically bearded servers that resemble lumberjacks. Not true at the Northland's newest dining spot, the Crown Point Tavern. Instead, this new eatery that features a curated craft beer list keeps…

A Trip to Ecuador with Children International Changes Two Lives

Sometimes seeing really is believing. Matt Staub, founder of marketing agency Proxima, snapped hundreds of photographs and recorded video once he and members of Children International set foot in Ecuador. Staub and the Children International (CI) team made their way to the nonprofit’s community centers in Guayquil and Quito, as part of a nine-day trip. Located high in the foothills…

Having It All: The Great Adventure

Webster Dictionary’s first full definition of the word adventure is, 'an undertaking usually involving danger and unknown risks'. How’s that for vague? Ask a friend what that means and she might say trying a new hairstyle; another might say real adventure requires a chunk of money and a plane ticket to someplace unpronounceable.

Colleen and Jason Gerke

Jason and Colleen Gerke are living the dream of many--running their own winery, Jowler Creek Vineyard and Winery, in Platte City. With Colleen's background in viticulture and Jason's background in farming, this couple was made for the grape! After 11 years of winemaking, they've found some favorites and are sharing them with us this month!

Northland Gala and Auction

Hillcrest Platte County hosted their annual Gala and Auction on October 8th at the Embassy Suites. This fun event raises funds to support HPC's mission of helping the homeless and insecurely housed in Platte County to learn the skills necessary to become self-supporting, contributing members of our community.

A Night at Quebec City’s Ice Hotel

The cold splintered through my body like a machine gun spewing high velocity rounds of pins and needles in my direction. I was both in pain and exhilarated, screaming madly as I ran across the snow-covered ground in below freezing temperatures wearing nothing but my swimsuit and bathrobe.

Roasted Butternut Squash Soup

This is definitely the easiest and best way to make rich-tasting butternut squash soup, without having to peel and dice a large, awkwardly shaped vegetable. You start by cutting the squash in half lengthwise and roasting it in a hot oven. Scrape the roasted flesh from the skin, and simmer it with sautéed yellow onion, fresh sage, and a tart Granny…