Hooves and claws and fur, oh my!

It's here! The annual Pets issue has arrived and I couldn't be more 
 excited to share this month's stories with you. Pets are a huge part of our lives but in this issue, we take a look into the lives of working animals. When it comes to crowd control, there's not much that's more effective, according to the KCPD,…

Genesis Medical Spa Grand Opening

The Weston Family Clinic opened its second location, now named the Genesis Medical Spa, in the Picture Hills Shopping Center. Debra Keith, D.O., is joined in the practice by Jenna Tarantino, Aesthetician, Certified laser Tech and Lindsey Pratt, Aesthetician.

Around Town

For the second year in a row, Louis Pollina, DDS, PC of Dentistry For Children was voted the “Best of Northland” Pediatric Dentist from 4 northland newspapers--The Liberty Tribune, The Gladstone Dispatch, The Kearney Courier, and the Smithville Herald.

KC Police Department Mounted Patrol Rides Tall

Normally, the public doesn’t interact with a Kansas City Police Department squad car as it patrols down a neighborhood street. Add a horse to the officer’s patrol and the dynamic instantly changes to the benefit of all.

The 4% Withdrawal Rule: 
An Outdated Retirement Strategy?

Many retirees wonder how much they can withdraw from their retirement portfolios each year, while still having a strong asset base. A common guideline has been 4%, known as the “4% Withdrawal Rule.” In recent years, this strategy has sparked major discussions among academics and professionals as to whether or not it’s still a viable guide for today’s retirees. Before…

Bees find a hive in Liberty

"Eat honey, my child, for it is good." 
 Proverbs 24:13 ~ Pure honey is a taste bud’s treasure. This sweet nectar has been a symbol of good throughout history. Honey has been used as barter since the beginning of time and in thousands of recipes because of its rich, sweet flavor.

Fashionable Fur Babies Get The Royal Treatment

American Pet Grooming Salon & Boutique enjoys a long history of satisfied pet owners, and equally important, satisfied pets. Manicured and decorated nails, a special neckerchief or custom cut, all are available. Peace of mind is included in each and every appointment.

Strike Up the Band!

Marching band is not just for under the Friday night lights, or Saturday competitions. Four Park Hill High School graduates have spent their summer touring with the Troopers Band Corp, a competitive World Class drum and bugle corp founded in 1957. The corp’s season lasts from May to mid-August, with three to four shows a week, and traveling across 15-20…

And Baby makes three

By the time many of you read this, I will be 38, 39, or 40 weeks pregnant. I'll be in a frantic rush to complete assignments so that I can have some time to devote just to my new daughter. I'll be washing and refolding impossibly tiny pairs of socks, onsesies and blankets. And my two dogs, Indiana Jones and…

Because Fido Says So!

This month our focus is on our four legged friends and companions. What woof we be without them? I’m writing this letter shortly after having a ‘conversation’ about being an all around ‘good little human’ with my preschooler & first-grader. Fellow parents, can you visualize the image of a dog turning their head sideways now with confusion? Yip, after the…

Hawaiian Ice

The spark came when Patrick Revnew was a sophomore in high school. He was waiting tables as a server at Wexford Place—his first job—and saving as much money as he could. He shared his idea, to open a shave ice stand, with is supervisor Jacob Gutierrez and then his parents. Together, they checked out locations in Parkville and Liberty.

Chapel Ridge Grand Opening

Southern Platte County's latest new home community has opened up its first phase out of a 340 planned lots. The Grand Opening showcased some of the new homes as potential buyers met the builders, saw the overall community plan, enjoyed free food and drinks, and won some amazing prizes.