Salud, cheers, noroc and sláinte!

It's here--our semiannual beer and wine issue! This issue has been particularly exciting for me for the past few years as the Northland has exploded as a place known for good people making good products. This issue is no exception.

Chiefs Fantasy Camp 2015

The event benefitted the Center for Concussion Management at the University of Kansas Hospital. Ten former Chiefs players, along with Coach Dick Vermeil and Mitch Holthus, coached players through skills stations and a 7 on 7 tournament. Photography Seth Laubinger

October 2015 Around Town

We invite our readers to be a part of the first ever Lifestyle Reader's Choice Awards, an opportunity to acknowledge the best businesses in and around our community. Log onto during October and November to make a nomination or to cast your votes. Winners will be announced after all of the votes are counted and a special awards ceremony…

Vox Vineyards’ Jerry Eisterhold Cultivates the Voice of the Land

Vox Vineyards founder Jerry Eisterhold stands between rows of grapevines planted along rolling hills covered in deposits of loess, or windblown sediment. When ancient glacial ice caps retreated from the border of the Missouri River, exposed windblown silt particles accumulated over time along the river and formed these deposits on land now carved into farm fields and residences in unincorporated…

Metro Lutheran Ministry and Northland Service Center Fundraiser

Picture this: a humble, two-level ranch home in a typical suburban cul-de-sac. The same folks have had this house since 1986 and its walls have witnessed tears and laughter, desperation and hope.

The Fine Art of Getting By In Belgium

No one tells you that when you are a beer or wine lover, you may start to travel in pursuit of your chosen beverage. For a cult beverage, some can make specific trips out to festivals, wineries or distilleries. A couple of years ago, my husband, Aaron, and good friend, Jeff, and I decided to swing by Brussels, Belgium, while…

A Woman and Her Beer

A microbiologist, a woman, and a beer expert walk into a bar. No. It’s not a joke. It’s an accurate, albeit partial description of Jennifer Helber, owner of Grain to Glass, a supply and bottle shop for aspiring and knowledgeable homebrewers.

A Glass of Wine a Day Helps Keep The Doctor Away?

"An apple a day keeps the doctor away" is a familiar adage that dances in our heads especially during flu and cold season. But researchers are finding evidence that might just offer a slight modification to that maxim: A glass of wine a day to keep the doctor away. Some researchers advocate that antioxidants found in wine and beer may…

A Taste of Class in Parkville

Parkville has always maintained an element of class and distinction. The S.D Strong Company, located in the Park College caves, has taken that integrity a step further. S.D. Strong is best known as top-shelf vodka. Painstaking steps are taken to make this unique vodka easy to sip, due to its smooth taste. The same principals are used on their soon…

Parkville Time Capsule Presentation

Parkville Mayor Nan Johnston welcomed representatives from 40+ organizations to place items into a time capsule to be opened at Parkville's 200th anniversary in 2049. Northland Lifestyle was honored to place one of their issues in the time capsule. Photography Christopher T. Murphy


'I don't like beer,' is a common refrain heard by bartenders the world over. At the White Horse Pub, located at 10221 North Oak Trafficway, bartender Katie Fruetel has created a gateway drink: a beer and a cocktail rolled into one.