The furry, feathered, scaled, hooved and loved.

Welcome back to one of my favorite issues all year--The Pets. I am an unabashed dog lover so this is just a whole month of thinking about great ways that I can describe my interactions with my two dogs, Indiana Jones and Short Round. Short Round joined our family last December and it seems like she has always been here,…

CASA Superhero 5K

“Every Child Needs a Hero, but Abused Children Need SuperHeroes.” More than 1,000 adults and kids raised $46,000 to help CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates) advocate for abused/neglected children. Photography Tracie Lansing Photography and Joe Coulter

September 2015 Around Town

Warriors’ Best Friend Foundation of Kansas City, Missouri, has been awarded a $5,000 grant from the Petco Foundation to support Operation: Homestead, Warriors' Best Friend's program that provides service canines for wounded soldiers with Post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) at no cost to the soldier.

Caring For Pets Is A Family Affair at Elkhound Ranch Kennels

Snuggles and snacks are free at Elkhound Ranch Kennels. They’re a part of the basic care package every pet receives while making this sprawling retreat their home away from home.

Unlikely Heroes

A pod of dolphins who protected swimmers in New Zealand from a great white shark. A cat who provided comfort to soldiers in Afghanistan. A llama who shines his very special light of love on the elderly patients in an Oregon rehab center. A paralyzed bunny who brings joy to paralyzed children. An abandoned puppy who lost all four paws…

Spices Asian Restaurant

When it comes to craving Asian flavors, there are many places in the Northland to call. We have numerous Chinese restaurants, a Japanese hot pot restaurant, the city's only Malaysian restaurant and several respected sushi joints. But for Thai food, the field has been very limited--until now. Spices Asian Restaurant is throwing their hat in the ring and I'm excited…

The Joy of Dakota

Family. Everyone has a different definition of the word. In the last seven years, our definition of family extended to include my new brother-in-law, Steve, and his two Chihuahuas, CJ and Dakota.

Birds Can Be Man’s Best Friend, Too

Dogs are considered man’s best friend, with cats a close second, but where do birds fit in the pet equation? Birds have always interested Jackie Kincaid, who just moved to Gladstone with her husband and two sons. She currently has two birds, a cockatiel named Marley and an African Gray Parrot named Cowboy.

Redefining Perfect: Stanley the Teaching Pup

They say it takes a village. The phrase is used often in reference to raising a child, but it’s also the phrase that kept coming to me as Deborah Pack told me about Stanley. Pack has been a teacher for 18 years. She loves it, she says, so enthusiastically I wish I could write that in all capital letters and…

Changing Leads Equine Rescue Changes Lives

Josie has a weight problem. She is currently more than 300 pounds underweight. Standing at 17 hands high, the tall, magnificent brown Percheron has seen better days over her 18 years of life. This gentle former broodmare arrived at Changing Leads Equine Rescue in early July. Since then, her life has slowly taken a better turn.

Gladstone Animal Clinic

Most veterinarian clinics are equipped to cure your dog or cat, but many pass on exotic creatures. Lizards, snakes, ferrets, rats or other unique pets need specialized care for sickness or injury and finding this unique service can be difficult. Andrew Rambo, D.V.M. at the Gladstone Animal Clinic offers this unconventional service.