25th Annual Kindest Kansas Citians Awards

Inspiring stories of everyday acts of kindness were shared and celebrated at Synergy Services' dinner event.
The heartwarming evening honoring local residents and the students that nominated them raised nearly $175,000
to fund Synergy's anti-bullying programs.

Happy Anniversary!

Dear Readers, That's right, it's been four years since Northland Lifestyle first launched. Over the last 48 issues, I've been blessed to meet some of the kindest and most unique people in the Northland. When I took this position, I didn't know what to expect. Now I know to expect to be surprised as I learn something new about my…

Mother/Son Superhero Party

Superman, Iron Man, Spider Man, Hulk attended Gladstone Community Center's
first Mother/Son Super Hero party. Everyone deemed the party a huge success as an event
where mothers get to spend some quality time with their sons.

July 2015 Around Town

urry Real Estate Services Wins Greater
Kansas City Chamber of Commerce
Legacy of Kansas City Award Curry Real Estate Services was announced as the winner of the 2015 Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce Legacy of Kansas City award recently. The award honors longevity, quality products and/or services, and community service in small businesses more than 15 years old in the Kansas…

The Great Train Robbery

Jay Gatsby said in Fitzgerald’s novel, The Great Gatsby, “Can’t repeat the past? Why, of course you can.” For Northlander Mark Armato, the sentiment is coming true this summer. In 1976-1977, Armato worked as a train robber on the Worlds of Fun railroad, making $2.25 an hour, working from April through October. Then after college came 32 years of teaching…

Have Wheels, Will Serve

There were fifteen participants at the first wheelchair tennis clinic at the Northland Racquet Club. Each came in at a different skill level and each was in a chair for a different reason. All of them had so much fun they stayed an extra hour to keep hitting balls.

The Rest of the Story

I am, I recently learned, a part of the ‘Oregon Trail Generation.’ I remember the onset of technology as we know it. I remember the creaky sound of dial-up when we thought nothing of waiting for 3-5 minutes for a webpage to load. That was simply part of the process—waiting for the information to reveal itself. I’m also probably one…

Confidence, Curiosity and Courage Earn Gabby Frierson A Chance to Compete

“Be yourself; tell the truth; be proud of yourself, and know you’re capable of doing anything you want to do.” While this is great advice for anyone and from any one of any age, it’s being offered by Gabrielle Frierson, age 10, a fifth grader at Lewis and Clark Elementary School in Liberty. "Gabby" not only shares these words of…

Funky Monkey Corn Company Pops Up Fun Snack Food

The familiar scent of flavored popcorn is both unmistakeable and expected at Funky Monkey Corn Company, a gourmet popcorn business that opened last December. Kim Gasperi, who owns and operates the Gladstone business, has introduced some modern touches to the comfort snack food that many people mostly enjoy during the holidays.

Rugged Maniac Race
Returns to Snow Creek

For the past few years, the term 'extreme athlete' has meant a couple of different things. Sure, you have your snowboarders, base jumpers and ultra marathoners. But now, your regular joe has the chance to hit the obstacle course and test his or her mettle against the elements and the clock with the Rugged Maniac 5K, taking place on August…

Hands-On Learning Opportunities Abound at Paradise Park

Teachers and home educators seeking top-notch, hands-on learning field trips to support your academic goals and excite your students: look no further.

Dare to Dabble
and Luna Coffee House

Everyone has some form of artistic ability. Many never develop what could be a life-changing gift. Dare to Dabble in North Kansas City is offering classes for all levels of artistry. This is your chance to develop that hidden talent.

Gladstone Bluesfest

The 19th Annual Gladstone Bluesfest welcomed music fans from around the region. Eight regionally and nationally known bands delighted audiences on June 5-6 at Oak Grove Park. Photography Chris Cox, Gladstone Magazine