3-day Appalachia hike

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Total Eclipse of the Sun

It’s a once in a lifetime event — a total solar eclipse, and this August, it’s right in our backyard. Everyone, it seems, is talking about the total solar eclipse, which will occur on August 21. The total solar eclipse has been coined the “Great American Eclipse,” because it will occur coast to coast in front of millions of people.

Hunting The Magnificent Morels

Morels will soon be popping up, especially with a combination of wet ground mixed with sunshine. Hunting morel mushrooms is a tradition in the Midwest and across America. Every state has a version of this popular mushroom including Hawaii, so check on your state’s variety at your local Conservation agency. Hunting morel mushrooms has been a lifetime experience for my…

Rugged Maniac Race
Returns to Snow Creek

For the past few years, the term 'extreme athlete' has meant a couple of different things. Sure, you have your snowboarders, base jumpers and ultra marathoners. But now, your regular joe has the chance to hit the obstacle course and test his or her mettle against the elements and the clock with the Rugged Maniac 5K, taking place on August…