A Night at Quebec City’s Ice Hotel

The cold splintered through my body like a machine gun spewing high velocity rounds of pins and needles in my direction. I was both in pain and exhilarated, screaming madly as I ran across the snow-covered ground in below freezing temperatures wearing nothing but my swimsuit and bathrobe.

A Summer Vacay to the Beaches of North Carolina

If “Little Shop of Horrors” is one of your favorite movies, or if you are old enough to remember the TV show “WKRP in Cincinnati,” you have a basic, if not inaccurate and comedic, familiarity with the Venus flytrap. If you’re a nerdy flower geek, like Rick Moranis’ character Seymour or if you just like soothing walks in the forest…

Baker Creek Heirloom Seed Company

This time of year, Planter's Seed and Spice Store in Kansas City's River Market is a busy, exciting place, making even those with concrete thumbs itch to dig in the dirt. With more than 40,000 varieties of seeds and other gardening aparatus filling the old wooden shelves and creaky wood floor of the historic building, everyone who enters the doors…

More than a Beach

Maui. The second largest island in the Hawaiian chain draws up a variety of images. Sand and surf are definitely two of them. But art? While many may not realize it, the center of the island is full of artisans, creators and artists, all working and plying their wares in what the locals call Upcountry. The island of Maui is…

Christmas Markets

Gerhard Lippman is from a one-horse, little town in Germany, not far from Frankfurt, called Empfertshausen. If you speak German, you may recognize that the word translates roughly to “one-horse town.”