My Reasons Why

Dear friends and neighbors,  I hope that August finds you well! Our kids and pets issue is one that is near and dear to my heart, especially since every day brings me closer to meeting my new addition, a little brother for my three-year-old son, Coy! Now that we are welcoming a new little man to the house, I'm outnumbered.…


Happy Father's Day, gentlemen! I'm out numbered in my house right now, with my husband, Zach, and our son, Coy. I'm a proud #boymom especially because I have a great partner and example for him to look up to on what it means to be a man. Zach is as rambunctious and energetic as Coy is--he's a chip off the old block! 

More than Just Dance

It's May, and we are celebrating the women in our lives--the mothers, grandmothers, sisters, and friends that support, encourage, and challenge us to attain our fullest potential. I've always been passionate about empowering women of all ages and backgrounds. It's kind of a family mandate! 

Hello Neighbors

Spring is a time of new beginnings and I’m taking that very literally this year! I’m Jeron, the new Publisher of Northland Lifestyle Magazine.

Being Good Ain’t Easy!

You know the sensation when your arm hairs stand up because you’ve been powerfully impacted by something or someone around you? That feeling is the finest way to describe my experience with our annual 2017 “Best of Northland” Readers’ Choice Issue. I’m genuinely inspired by the “why” behind what makes people in our community shine!

Our Summer of Fun

Dear Readers, Our Summer Adventures issue is always one of my favorites and this year is no exception! We hope you enjoy this month’s issue, as we’ve taken delight in its creation. So, take as many vacations as possible. As the saying goes, “you can always make more money – but you can’t always make more memories”. Reward the kids…

Because Fido Says So!

This month our focus is on our four legged friends and companions. What woof we be without them? I’m writing this letter shortly after having a ‘conversation’ about being an all around ‘good little human’ with my preschooler & first-grader. Fellow parents, can you visualize the image of a dog turning their head sideways now with confusion? Yip, after the…

Packing up Some Sunshine

Before we know it the Dog Days of Summer will officially commence and it’s time for fireworks, family, friends, and franks on the barbie! I was inspired by our recent Home Edition because it conjured up thoughts regarding the organized chaos my family is currently undertaking. We just moved to Weatherby Lake and so begins another leg in the life…