Hometown Girl

Everything really is up to date in Kansas City, as proven by Northland Lifestyle's Publisher, Jeron Traphagan. The former Chiefs cheerleader has always loved repping her hometown and found some of her favorite locally made products at the Made in KC store. You can find them online or at their Northland location at Briarcliff Village. 

On My Bookshelf

As the senior pastor at Linden Baptist Church, Terry Webster pulls inspiration from everywhere. While the Bible may be the touchstone for his sermons, he often incorporates more contemporary writers in his messages as well. When he has a break from studying the Bible, he enjoys other perspectives, such as The Book of Joy by the Dalai Llama and Desmond…


 1. A Good Pair of Shoes!  Ok, spoiler alert, I sell good shoes.  But I wouldn't do it if I didn't believe in what we do at The Running Well Store!  I have seen clients come in with plantar fasciitis, back pain, knee pain – you name it.  I have watched them get fitted for a good pair of shoes…

Do These Five Things

Christine Evans is not one to preach without practicing. The Exectutive Director of nonprofit Feed Northland Kids is making a difference every day. But do you have to be in leadership to make a difference? Not at all. Here are her tips for making a difference. 


 Article and Photography  Fashion. We think of big cities when we think of the style makers--New York, Paris, Milan, and even L.A. But there is plenty of style right here in Kansas City as well, and you only need to go to Instagram to find it! We've rounded up our favorite style bloggers, the men and women searching out the…

A Safe Home

 Article Rachel Murphy | Photography Provided  A room isn't complete without a treatment for the windows, for both practical and aesthetic reasons. When you have little ones around, whether human, feline or canine, safety comes first. Pets and babies can get tangled in cords and strangle themselves. Here are five options for keeping your loved ones safe, according to the experts…

Splash into Summer!

 Article Rachel Murphy | Photography Provided  Sure, we all love a good pool day in the dog days of summer, but if you're young, a sprinkler will do! Luckily, the Northland has four great splash pads where kids can cut loose and get wet for free. And Mom and Dad, I don't think anyone will mind if you run through…

Like Father, Like Son

 Article Rachel C. Murphy | Photography Provided    Marco Rabello may have different childhood memories than most Northlanders. Rabello grew up in Sao Paolo, Brazil and brings the flavors of his childhood to his River Market restaurant, Taste of Brazil. This Park University graduate is passionate about giving diners a peek at what daily Brazilian cuisine is like, not just…

Me and My Shadow

 Article Rachel C. Murphy | Photography Provided  Traveling to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico  Fanny Packs - they should have never gone out of style!


Is an artist the same without their palette and brushes? Or a sculptor the same with a block of stone but no chisel? Gardeners are artists too and their tools are just as important. The experts at Family Tree Nursery in Liberty, Mis. have recommended the best tools for making your blank canvases into vegetal beauties. From kneeling benches to…

My Favorite Things

Top three items you can't live without: Water, phone and dark chocolate. 

Favorite spots in KC: The Plaza, Kauffman Performing Arts Center and The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art.

Craig Richey

BEST WAY TO SPEND A WEEKEND: A perfect weekend is either spending time with my wife and daughter, or at a car show. Better yet it's bringing my wife and daughter TO a car show. I haven't figured out a good way to fit a car seat in my Nova around the roll cage.