Orange Easel School of Art

Imagine if Lionel Messi had never run conditioning drills or if Ed Sheeran had never practiced his scales. Would we have one of the greatest soccer players or most talented singer/songwriters right now? No. Because practice makes better. (Who wants perfect anyway?) 

Up Close and Personal

From designing the space to intentional selection of furniture, brand director, Lucy Rieger, considered no detail too small while her team planned for the company’s expansion.

Putting ‘personal’ back into patient care

Just about every health care provider hopes to be known for that “personal” touch, but one Northland surgery center seems to be delivering on that boast.

Worth remembering

The small dents in her mom’s car represented much more than a potential repair bill.

Callsign Brewing Founded by Veterans to Honor Heroes

 Article Pete Dulin | Photography Joel Schneider  Callsign Brewing originated as an idea by homebrewers, veterans, and longtime friends Steve Sirois and Morris Loncon that became a mission. The brewery and beers honor active, veteran, and fallen members of the military. Owned by Steve and wife, Chandra, they enlisted son Steve Sirois Jr. and friends Larry Walter, Steve Fry and others…

Choose Your Team/Your Flavor at Parkville’s Gourmet Popcorn Shop

 Article Diana Lambdin Meyer | Photography Joel Schneider  Popculture Gourmet Popcorn  6325 Lewis St., Parkville

Liberty Farm Equestrian Center Celebrates Equestrian Lifestyle

 Article Pete Dulin | Photography Joel Schneider    Rebecca Randles’ voice perked up as she spoke about Liberty Farm Equestrian Center, a 20-acre farm and event center with 44 horse stalls. Randles, a lawyer who specializes in child sex abuse cases, has owned the farm for twenty years.

Tyler Kingston Mercantile

The 7-foot cactus behind the cash register catches your eye first (sadly, it’s not for sale), but the competition for your attention remains fierce inside Tyler Kingston Mercantile.

Velo Garage and Tap House Unites Beer and Bike Culture

Velo Garage and Tap House hits a sweet spot, the overlapping section of a Venn diagram between groups of cycling enthusiasts and craft beer fans. Co-owners Kiley Sutter and Steve Borden opened Velo in March 2017. The business has two halves – a craft beer taproom and bike shop. That combination might seem odd, but it appeals to many customers…

For the Love of the Northland

Roughly 20 miles wide and 20 miles long, the Northland is considered home to many residents. For Bob and Margie Langdon of Parkville, there is no other place they want to live. “We consider the Northland the best well-kept secret. The housing is affordable, it’s central to everything with great schools. It’s family-friendly, and a place we want to raise…

Heritage Landscape

Tucked onto the side of 9 Highway, close to historic downtown Parkville, is Heritage Landscape, formally Miller’s Landscape and Lawncare. It has been around since 1963, but in 2013, Mike and Lauren Perdue became the primary owners, and along with Mike’s father Randy, are working to make the company their own while maintaining the family-owned values and ties to the…

Hugo Tea Delivers Adventure One Sip at a Time

In the modest front office of Hugo Tea Company, owner and founder Tyler Beckett adds heated water from a kettle into a clay teapot small enough to easily cup it in two hands. The teapot, etched on the side with Chinese characters, contains loose leaves of Da Ye Xi. The Chinese green tea has a smooth character and savory-sweet flavor.

Gordon Dental Puts a Smile on Faces

A smile is a greeting that welcomes others before a word is spoken. Dr. John Gordon, who founded Gordon Dental in 1978, works with patients to change smiles and, in turn, change lives. Some people are self-conscious about their smile because of the cosmetic or physical condition of their teeth. Stains, crooked teeth, or other irregularities may alter self-perception. A…

Tradition Rolls on 
at Weston Tobacco

The rich, earthy aroma of tobacco smoke provides a clue about the Main Street location of Weston Tobacco, a retail shop located on the lower level of a corrugated metal building. At the end of a long, wide hallway, owner Zeb Hopper sits in a chair and leans over a table topped with a batch of loose, whole tobacco leaves…

Too Much to Do and Not Enough Time?

Have you ever looked at your to-do list and wondered how on earth you could ever find the time and energy to get even half the tasks completed? Lisa and Jeff Sevick are making it their business to ensure you get it all accomplished with The Missing Link, the company they created to allow you to have more time to…

Colony Beer and Espresso

Hemingway once wrote of French Parisian cafes in “A Moveable Feast” where coffee and spirits were served and patrons visited daily to see or be seen. The old curmudgeon recorded the souls of Paris coffee and spirit shops, capturing our imaginations. He would have written about Colony Espresso & Beer in North Kansas City with equal zeal.

Fashionable Fur Babies Get The Royal Treatment

American Pet Grooming Salon & Boutique enjoys a long history of satisfied pet owners, and equally important, satisfied pets. Manicured and decorated nails, a special neckerchief or custom cut, all are available. Peace of mind is included in each and every appointment.

The Middle KC Brings the Best of the Midwest to the Northland

The Middle KC is located at 109 Main Street, Parkville, MO. Hours are: Mondays - Closed. Tuesday – Saturday 10 a.m.-6 p.m.. Sunday 10 a.m.-3 p.m.. Visit them online at Northland shoppers looking for a Crossroads or Westport selection of local artisan products now need go no further than Main Street in Historic Downtown Parkville. The Middle KC put…

Local Smile Expert Uses His Expertise to Brighten the Lives of Others

Kansas City dentist Michael Byars, D.D.S., is committed to smiles. Whether it’s through application of his dental expertise, his extensive work in the community, or by engaging his staff in cheek-retractor bubble blowing, you won’t find anyone who has more fun taking his job seriously.

Here’s the Beef

Co-owners of fairly new The Upper Cut in Liberty, Chris and Kelsi Peuster both grew up with a passion for livestock, and have turned that love into a goal of improving the United States beef industry. For them, this starts with a local butcher shop that provides a heart healthy beef, raised on their working farm.

The Nibble Nook: Turning Lessons Into Sweet Success

Chef John Boydston is most at home in the kitchen. It’s where he had his first job, flipping eggs and washing dishes at age 13. It’s where he learned the ropes from other chefs. It’s where he honed his talent as a pastry chef and teacher.

Parkville art studio offers personalized art classes

Historic downtown Parkville has become known as a sort of art haven, with several art stores and galleries lining Main Street. For two years, Parkville Artisans’ Studio & Gallery has welcomed all ages to make and create to their heart’s content and has set themselves apart from other studios by their personalization of classes. “The main difference between us and…

Food from the Pacific Rim

Owning three businesses while juggling three small kids is no easy feat, but Angel Wong and her husband Jeremy Teong make it look easy. In addition to Angel’s Nails on North Oak, Wong and Teong also own Lemon Tree frozen yogurt in Liberty. Now their newest business is right across the street: The Rim, an Asian fusion restaurant that focuses…

Family Owned, Results Driven

If you’ve not yet shopped at Thyme Capsule Nutrition, you’re in for a surprise. The specialty store stocked with quality supplements, vitamins, natural aromatherapy essential oils, herbs and more is in a nondescript building—between a Quik Trip and a Sav-A-Lot—and seems, from the outside, small and just a bit ordinary. But inside is a different story.

Main Street Goods and Goodies Offers Found Treasures

For owner Gail Dugdale, the best part about making a sale at Main Street Goods and Goodies is not the sale at all. It’s meeting people and seeing the expression on their faces when they find that special thing that makes them happy.

A Taste of Class in Parkville

Parkville has always maintained an element of class and distinction. The S.D Strong Company, located in the Park College caves, has taken that integrity a step further. S.D. Strong is best known as top-shelf vodka. Painstaking steps are taken to make this unique vodka easy to sip, due to its smooth taste. The same principals are used on their soon…

Gladstone Animal Clinic

Most veterinarian clinics are equipped to cure your dog or cat, but many pass on exotic creatures. Lizards, snakes, ferrets, rats or other unique pets need specialized care for sickness or injury and finding this unique service can be difficult. Andrew Rambo, D.V.M. at the Gladstone Animal Clinic offers this unconventional service.


September 12-13: Chick Events Handmade & Vintage Show in Leawood, Kansas September 26 - Overland Park Fall Festival Hang ups usually make you think of a prank call by a teenager or a quirk, but Carolyn Adams and Kristi Jurgensen have a different kind of hang up—jewelry made mostly from vintage and repurposed materials.

Funky Monkey Corn Company Pops Up Fun Snack Food

The familiar scent of flavored popcorn is both unmistakeable and expected at Funky Monkey Corn Company, a gourmet popcorn business that opened last December. Kim Gasperi, who owns and operates the Gladstone business, has introduced some modern touches to the comfort snack food that many people mostly enjoy during the holidays.

Art and Frame: Northland’s Framing Specialist

Custom framing is a multi-faceted challenge. The wrong frame, glass or matting can mean disaster to an expensive art piece or family heirloom. Every piece is prized; there is no room for failure, just perfection. Imagine the responsibility of saving a family’s images for several hundred years. Today’s graduating high school senior will be tomorrow’s grandmother or grandfather. They may…

KC Music Man

For those about to rock, play the blues, or perform odes about country roads and pick’em-up trucks, KC Music (6506-B NW Prairie View Road) is the place to chase your muse. Professional performer and music industry veteran Mark Ballard opened KC Music in October 2014 to offer complete resources as a full-service music store and concert venue.