Get My Name Right: Noe Palma

It's Noe, pronounced 'NO E'. There, that's out of the way. It's the question that Noe Palma got so often that he named his debut album, "Get My Name Right," just to clear things up. But this country crooner/trop rocker has his Filipino father to thank for the memorable moniker. 

Eagle Animal Hospital Celebrates 72 Years of Care and Commitment

Eagle Animal Hospital and Pet Resort, one of the first animal hospitals north of the Missouri River, celebrates 72 years of care this year.

Strike Up the Band!

Marching band is not just for under the Friday night lights, or Saturday competitions. Four Park Hill High School graduates have spent their summer touring with the Troopers Band Corp, a competitive World Class drum and bugle corp founded in 1957. The corp’s season lasts from May to mid-August, with three to four shows a week, and traveling across 15-20…

Connecting Kansas City through art

Artist Vanessa Lacy has two things that bring her the most joy: running outside and painting. This is reflected in some of the artwork she produces: her grandparents' lake at sunset, a campfire at night, fountains at Loose Park, or the Crossroads district of Kansas City.

Fast Johnny Ricker

Music is the sweet seasoning of imagination. Those that love rock and roll or blues have private fantasies about standing in front of a big crowd, singing “Free Bird” and shredding the guitar solo with notes played to perfection. Many of us will never follow through, but some paid their dues and live the dream.

All Humor comes from truth

In a world full of bad language, dirty jokes and raunchy movies, Christian comedian and motivational speaker, Kerri Pomarolli, is making her mark on the comedy scene while embracing a different style.

Christina Harlin

 Christina Harlin is a people watcher.  As an author of paranormal stories, including the new “Othernaturals” series, she tours haunted houses and spooky cemeteries with her son, Jake, who acts as her bodyguard, photographer and assistant. The locations inspire her to be sure, but it’s the people watching that really sparks her creativity.  “I’ve met so many interesting people,” she…

Guns and Hoses

Boxing is like a violent chess match; counter every move your opponent makes. Add that nervous feeling that comes when the overhead ring lights become bright enough for a surgeon to operate. The bell rings and the fight starts as your opponent approaches with a plan to throw punches at you. Failure to block out incoming punches can be painful,…

They Call the Band Cherry Bomb

I once told a friend that the secret to a successful bar or restaurant is excellent live entertainment. The food can be mediocre. Shortly after that he brought in a popular singer and his business boomed. I was not even offered a free drink or a mediocre sandwich for my advice.