Pure of Heart

Kids and pets–both capture the feeling of innocence that adults grow out of so quickly. If you want to witness pure joy, find a splash pad on a hot day or visit the dog park when someone has extra treats. As we head back to school, we want to take a moment to celebrate our future … Continued

I Heart Summer

Dear Readers,  It’s the time that we’ve all been waiting for–summer! And this isn’t just any summer; no, this is a unicorn of a summer, one that warmed up slowly and gave us a long spring to soak in the beautiful temperate weather before July’s blazing hot days took over. I’ve lived in my backyard … Continued

What Makes A Man?

If you love movies, and I do, you may have seen The Kingsmen a few years back. In it, Colin Firth plays an undercover member of Britains most secret society, the Kingsmen. And in it, he answers this question, “Manners maketh man.”  Manners do make the man but that’s only the tip of the iceberg. … Continued

Strong Enough for a Woman

Remember that old Secret deodorant commercial? The tagline was “strong enough for a man, made for a woman.” At the time, it seemed fearless and edgy; now, it sounds ridiculous. Strength comes in many forms, whether you’re referring to mental or physical strength, but the days of seeing women as the ‘weaker sex’ are coming to … Continued

A World Worth Saving

You are saving the world. That’s how I like to think of living mindfully and lowering my impact on the planet. Adding a little heroism to a concept like recycling can make taking out the trash a bit more fun. But no matter how you think about it, small changes can add up to significant … Continued

Welcome Home

Dear Readers,  My house is a mess. You how you always have one friend that perpetually says that her house is a mess, but her idea of a mess is a few papers on an otherwise pristine kitchen island? Yeah, I’m not that friend. I’m the one that legitimately can’t keep up with the amount … Continued

Curating Creativity

February–it may be the shortest month but in the midst of the doldrums of winter, it can also be the month that pushes you to be the most creative! While I’m enjoying having a ‘real’ winter again, I have to admit that cabin fever has set in a bit. Luckily, I have a curious toddler … Continued

New Year, New You

Happy new year! 2018 was a great year for me personally and I can’t wait to see what 2019 holds. Here at Northland Lifestyle, January offers a chance for another twelve months of getting to know you, one neighbor at a time. Of course, most of us have some resolutions each year, many of them … Continued

A Bit of Holiday Cheer

Happy holidays, dear readers! It’s the most wonderful time of the year around my house–I’m already behind on the baking but the shopping is going well and I’m anticipating lots of family time as the big event draws close. This year, I have even more to celebrate. My daughter, Indra Selene, was born on November … Continued

So very thankful

Happy holidays, dear readers! I’m thrilled to go into this holiday season with a new addition to my family, a new daughter, soon to be born as of this writing. Additions like this are big life moments but every year and every family is made up of myriad small moments that make each year special … Continued

Food and Fall

Happy fall, friends! After what seemed to be an interminably long summer, I’m so happy to usher in the fall. No, I’m not a Pumpkin Spice Latte aficionado but I do love to feel a bite in the air, see the leaves begin to change, and warm up the kitchen with a pot of chili … Continued

Life with Style

We can all thank Vogue for making the September issue of any lifestyle magazine synonymous with fashion. And while I may not be Anna Wintour, I’m not immune to the pull of the changing seasons of both fashion and nature. So I hope that you enjoy our annual Style issue!  We are thrilled to see … Continued

Little love can be awfully big

Kids and pets–two things that are particularly close to my heart! That’s our theme this month–the people and animals that make us smile each day. This issue practically writes itself because the Northland is such a family and animal-oriented area but I’m still happy to be able to steer the ship a bit!  Over the … Continued

A Summer Splash!

A summer splash indeed! As July hits, it seems like it’s been summer for years already but that won’t dull my enthusiasm! Our summer issue is all about what matters–our veterans, our families, and the places where we can enjoy them.  This issue also marks the seventh anniversary of Northland Lifestyle Magazine! It’s hard to … Continued

Embrace the Manliness

Happy June, everyone! Summer is here and with it the carefree days that we look forward to all year. It’s time to kick back, have a beer, and enjoy that porch swing or hammock that is too often neglected. And don’t forget, Father’s Day is June 17th! Speaking of fathers, our men’s issue celebrates quite … Continued

The Future is Female

Is that just a catchy slogan or a prophecy? I vote for option B! Never before have women had so many choices–to have children, a career, or both? Follow your passion or follow the paycheck? Choose your own adventure is rapidly becoming reality for more and more women and it excites me for the future … Continued

Opportunities are blooming!

What's that about April showers? If it means that Kansas City will be green again, bring them on! It's time to get out of the house and enjoy all that the Northland has to offer! 

Spring is coming. . .

Happy spring, friends! March is one of my favorite months with the coming of spring and my birthday. It's a month that marks new beginnings and a reawakening of inspiration for me. And this month, it's a month that is inspiring me to turn my focus to my home and how I can freshen its look with inspiration from our…

Made with Love

Love. That's what many of our thoughts turn to in the month of February. There are the naysayers, of course, those that chalk Valentine's Day up as a commercial holiday started by Hallmark. And maybe there is a bit of that, but I, for one, choose to see it as a reason to celebrate. And for our February issue, we…

On the Move

 Happy New Year!   I'm excited to start 2018 off right foot--in tennis shoes, that is. January is our Active issue and our exploration of yoga in the Northland should be plenty of inspiration to start where you are and aim for where you want to be.   For my part, I started hitting the gym back in December. After all, how…

It’s the most wonderful time 
of the year!

 Happy Holidays Dear Readers!   This truly is the most wonderful time of year. As 2017 draws to a close, I have so much for which to be thankful--a wonderful family, a safe, warm home, plenty of food to eat, and enough to share. Our year has had a few surprises, mostly good ones, and I'm excited to see what 2018…

A Moveable Feast

Food and Wine. These are subjects near and dear to my always hungry, always thirsty heart. This month we focus on the things that bring us together, specifically around the dinner table. I love to cook, so the kitchen has always been a place where I feel at home. Hopefully, you do as well. If you don't, then you might…

Best of the Best

Dear Readers, This is it--the 2017 Readers' Choice Awards issue! We asked, and you answered and gave us an intimate look at the best that the Northland has to offer. With nominations in 54 categories, your votes gave us a better picture of what matters most to our friends and neighbors. It's been fun getting to know the businesses, and…

Fuel for the Fire

The Northland is booming. North Kansas City is exploding with new businesses. The infrastructure is laid for thousands of new homes in the Twin Creeks development. And what is fueling all of this fire? Coffee! I've always been a coffee fan and I prefer my beans dark and my brews strong. When I started drinking craft beer several years ago,…

Back to School

I need to admit something--I'm jealous. I'm jealous of the kids running down the aisles of Target, picking out new pencils and pads of wide or college-ruled paper. I'm jealous of the parents pouring over supply lists and fussing over pencil cases. I can't WAIT to be able to do that for my daughter but we (thankfully, in some ways)…

Happy Birthday to us!

That's right, it's our Anniversary issue once again! I've had the pleasure and privilege of learning about the great stories of the Northland since just after I moved to the area myself. It's been a great crash course in the best places to eat, shop, and spend time with my loved ones. I'm a particular fan of the Waggin' Trailz…

Dear Dad. . .

Happy Father's Day everyone! Our June issue is a love letter to men--the fathers, brothers, sons and neighbors that we can rely on, laugh with, and love. Look beyond the stereotypes--the meat, beer, sports, etc--and there are some amazing stories all over the Northland.

Who runs the world?

That's a great question! According to Beyoncé, girls run the world, but I think that the case can be made for women in general. And in May, we are focusing on the women that are changing the world in a variety of ways.

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter, friends! Although this winter was mild by any standard, it was still winter and I'm so glad to see my daffodils thriving despite late frosts. I'm excited to finally have warm breezes, midwestern thunderstorms, and the softly greening ground to walk upon with my daughter.

Home Sweet Home

Welcome to the Home issue! As someone that has stayed in quite a bit lately with a new baby, the issue of home is especially near to my heart. Finding the space where you can really relax is a tricky thing. Luckily here in the Northland, we have plenty to choose from so there's something for everyone!

A Very Northland 
Valentine’s Day

Dear Readers, I have to admit--I've never been a big Valentine's Day person. Sure, I love romance but I also don't want my husband to spend 500% more on flowers than he would in January or March, just because Cupid said he should. I'm more of low-key. If we go out, it will probably be to the White Horse Pub…

Happy New Year!

How many of you are reading this on the treadmill at an overly crowded gym? Now is the time when hope springs eternal--new weights are purchased, Christmas gifts of workout clothes are donned, and we all brush off our knowledge of how to properly do a squat. Although most of those resolutions are aspirational rather than realistic, the renewed energy…

Chestnuts roasting on an open fire. . .

We may be a bit short on chestnuts but Jack Frost is finally nipping at our nose here in Kansas City. It's the holiday season and I couldn't be more excited! December is always a time of celebration with lots of parties, family gatherings, and shopping to keep us all busy. Sometimes we need a little reminder to slow down…

Adventure Awaits!

Every year, Northland Lifestyle features a 'Wild Adventure' issue. For many, that means exotic travel or adrenaline pumping feats of derring-do. And for some, that means striking out on one's own, bucking the status quo and making their own path. In this issue, we have a bit of both!

Raise a glass!

Ah, October. Is there anything sweeter than savoring a pint of Cinder Block's Block IPA or a glass of local wine as you gather with friends around the bonfire? As the weather cools and we slow down a bit from the hectic pace of summer, a relaxing beverage certainly sounds like heaven.

Hooves and claws and fur, oh my!

It's here! The annual Pets issue has arrived and I couldn't be more 
 excited to share this month's stories with you. Pets are a huge part of our lives but in this issue, we take a look into the lives of working animals. When it comes to crowd control, there's not much that's more effective, according to the KCPD,…

Home is where the heart is

Home grown. The theme for this month's issue is also the theme for the magazine in general--it is the people and businesses that make the fabric of the Northland. But this month we hone in on a few that are even more close to home--artists that paint heartbeats, artists that paint landmarks, retailers that sell hometown pride and more.

Summertime. . . And the living is easy

Well, at least the living is warm! As the heat wave set in early this year, know that I'm suffering right along with you, dear readers, as I baste in the heat at seven months pregnant. July in Kansas City is a serious undertaking and sometimes you just need to escape!

To Sir, With Love

Ah, June. June is the month where fragrant smoke fills the air, as a thousand backyard BBQ kings light the coals and show the family how grilling is done. It's when after work baseball leagues hit their stride and we start spending more time in the park with the kids and less time in front of the TV. And on…

Where the heart is

May has finally come and with it, the hope of stable weather, warm nights and balmy days. The smell of fresh cut grass will perfume the air and we will finally settle in to the best time of the year--the twilight between spring and summer. It's a time when grills are utilized, back porch beers are cracked open, and we…

Feeling Green!

Despite the mild winter and early spring, I can't think of a year when I've been more excited to garden! After a long summer last year of remodeling the back of our house, our yard is looking a bit worse for wear and now the season is upon us to make it beautiful again. What's your inspiration this spring?

Paint with Bold Strokes

Happy Spring, dear readers! March is one of my favorite months of the year. It’s the calendar home of my birthday, the first day of spring and this year, Easter. There is much to celebrate and this month we get to do it with art! I have always been an art lover whether that means painting, dance or performance. As…

Food lovers unite!

Food. It's a subject that I rarely get tired of talking about. Even in February, when I should be eyeball deep in a very healthy diet, my obsession is finding the most enjoyment from each bite. Luckily, I like fresh fruits and vegetables, lean meats, seafood and finding recipes to combine all of them.

New Year, Fresh Start

Oh, January. By the end of December's daze of parties and excess, it seems like almost a relief to turn our minds to the task of undoing all the festive damage of the holiday season. This month's focus on health and fitness gives me a chance to clear my head, strap on the workout gear and remind myself to get…

Happy holidays!

 Dear friends,   It is truly the merriest time of the year and I can't wait to celebrate. My sister is visiting for a month with her daughters and my mind is reeling from all the possibilities of celebration with my four-year old niece, Scarlett. The holidays are magical for many reasons but it's always more fun when you can experience…