Colleen and Jason Gerke

Jason and Colleen Gerke are living the dream of many--running their own winery, Jowler Creek Vineyard and Winery, in Platte City. With Colleen's background in viticulture and Jason's background in farming, this couple was made for the grape! After 11 years of winemaking, they've found some favorites and are sharing them with us this month!

Hawaiian Ice

The spark came when Patrick Revnew was a sophomore in high school. He was waiting tables as a server at Wexford Place—his first job—and saving as much money as he could. He shared his idea, to open a shave ice stand, with is supervisor Jacob Gutierrez and then his parents. Together, they checked out locations in Parkville and Liberty.

Soccer Star Trevor Cisell Shares Lessons On and Off the Field

Trevor Cissell tells me that winning isn’t everything. The St. Pius X senior who shattered the Missouri State High School Activities Association career scoring record last October—right before breaking his leg—says his achievement is more about the team than it is about him.

Going Back to School While Balancing Two Careers and A Family Requires Planning

Stacy and Chad Johnson have two priorities in life: Lucy, age 6, and Alice, age 2. Stacy, a Park University graduate, works in online operations at her alma mater. Chad is a director at a consulting firm that implements SAP software for companies across the country; his hours can be long and irregular.