Farm Fresh

And on the 8th day, God looked down on his planned paradise and said, "I need a caretaker." So God made a farmer.

Feed Supply Market & Deli: “Our Home or Yours”

Hope Dillon understands what it’s like to work long days and then have to consider what to do about meals for the family. Grabbing something on the run may be an option, but depending upon where you get it, it’s not always the healthiest--or even tastiest--option. Dillon doesn’t want you to deprive yourself of good food, and as the owner of…

Summer Blockbusters

 Article and Photography Pete Dulin  Summer nights are made for hanging out late and catching up with friends, whether chilling on a patio or escaping heat and humidity indoors over a cold beer. The Northland has numerous dining, drinking, and entertainment options for a guy’s night out. Kick off the night at a craft beer taproom, such as Big Rip…


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Soiree New Orleans Bistro

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Poke Bar

There's a bit of a revolution going on--Southeast Asia is taking over a small strip center on North Oak Trafficway. That's where Kien Nguyen is building his restaurant empire, with three concepts--Broken Rice, San's Sandwiches, and Poke Bar--all at home in the L-shaped center at 65th and North Oak Trafficway. 

Shaka Noodle Shack

If you're a Northlander and you don't know what Longboards is, then one might doubt your authenticity. To say that it's a sandwich/burrito shop is like saying that a Lotus is a car. Is it correct? Sure. But it's also not the whole story. Longboards is like taking a Subway sandwich, smashing it with a Chipotle burrito and running it through a…

Repeal 18th

If you're looking for a craft cocktail north of the river, the pickings, just a few short months ago, were slim. Now though, the North Kansas City Armour Boulevard corridor is exploding with nightlife options. Repeal 18th is the newest and arguably, one of the most delicious. 


Well, it's finally happened--we've reached the point in the technological revolution where we have started going backwards. For a society that has nearly any information or gaming opportunity in their pocket in the form of a cell phone, many now long for the days of old school entertainment, the kind that was very, very stationary. Hence the rise of the…

Em Chamas

A decade is a long time in the restaurant business--long enough to know how to do things right. That can certainly be said for Em Chamas Brazillian Grill, the Northland's own destination for perfectly cooked Brazilian barbecue. The passion project of brothers Sam and Nick Silvio, Em Chamas has set the standard for tableside rodizio service since 2007.

Chicken N Pickle

To say that Chicken N Pickle is a restaurant is to sell it short. According to Bill Crooks, (whose self-dubbed title is 'pickleball boy') it's really an entertainment hub. The complex, located at 1761 Burlington in North Kansas City, does hum with activity and while an adult beverage may be procured, it's surprisingly family friendly. Chicken N Pickle opened late…

Mudbug Cajun Po’ Boy Sandwiches

PO' boys.
If you've ventured far enough south of the Mason-Dixon line you may have been lucky enough to stumble upon the great American South's answer to the hero, the submarine, or the hoagie sandwich. Po' boys are sort of ironic--sure they are peasant food, but they can certainly get pretty rich, pretty fast.

Haw Jaw Brew and Q

In a BBQ town like Kansas City, it takes a lot to stand out. So when the Silvio brothers, Nick and Sam decided to expand their meat kingdom from the Brazilian stylings of Em Chamas Brazilian Grill to a BBQ joint, they knew they had to take a different tactic. After buying existing BBQ restaurant Hawg Jaw Fritz in Riverside,…

J&S Pizza

In the United States, it's hard to swing a stick without hitting a pizza place. In the Northland that's even more true with old favorites like Kelso's, Northern Lights and Ikey's around. But there's a new kid in town and they are putting the fun back in the pizza place.

Trago: A Sip, A Bite, A Memory

Memories. That's what Trago, the new tapas restaurant in Kansas City near Liberty, is based on. Kandi Kerns, the chef/owner is capturing the feeling and essence of dining experiences long past and making them available for the hungry diner today.

99 Hops House

Let's get one thing straight--I've never been a big fan of casinos. It's not that I have anything against gambling, except that I'm bad at it. I really enjoy getting something tangible for my money. Luckily, at Argosy Casino, I can now guarantee that I can get a great meal with a fine craft beer. That's a good bet.

Crown Point Tavern

Although this may be the simple definition of the term gastropub, it has taken on a connotation of a trendy restaurant that surely features drinks served in mason jars and unironically bearded servers that resemble lumberjacks. Not true at the Northland's newest dining spot, the Crown Point Tavern. Instead, this new eatery that features a curated craft beer list keeps…

Calibration Brewery Completes the Circle

If there's one thing that the Northland is spoiled with, it's breweries. In North Kansas City alone, Big Rip Brewing, Cinder Block Brewing and Grain to Glass, a homebrewing store, all provide ample places to drink the local tipple. But there's one thing that all of these places lack--a kitchen. Sure, food trucks fill in the gaps and they will…

Roma Italian restaurant

Don't judge a restaurant by its building. That's what I learned after eating at the Northland's newest Italian eatery, Roma, located on Barry Road. While the Pizza Hut shaped building may look the same, the kitchen is pumping out family recipes from Sicily, not stuffed crust grease bombs.

Bun Mee Phan–Bringing Color to your Sandwiches

If you're used to the same old, same old when it comes to your sandwiches, you're in for a delightful wake-up call. Bahn mi have arrived in the Northland with a vengeance and sandwich lovers should unite in celebration. If the phrase 'Taste the rainbow' wasn't already copyrighted, then it would be quite apropos at the newest eatery on North…

Tay’s Burger Shack

Is it possible to feel good about yourself and bad about yourself at the same time? If you're talking about indulging in a 100% organic grass-fed beef cheeseburger, the answer is an unequivocal 'yes'. Tay's Burger Shack presents exactly that conundrum to patrons with juicy yet not greasy burgers piled high with cheese and veggies amidst a wash of nostalgia--the…

Luigi’s Italian Restaurant and Wine Bar

If you haven't noticed, the quaint downtown areas of the heart of America have been struggling lately. Big box stores, chain restaurants and suburbs have been the death knell for Main Street USA. Luckily, downtown Liberty seems to be escaping that fate and, after a bit of turnover, has a great lineup of boutiques and restaurants to choose from. Luigi's…

Spices Asian Restaurant

When it comes to craving Asian flavors, there are many places in the Northland to call. We have numerous Chinese restaurants, a Japanese hot pot restaurant, the city's only Malaysian restaurant and several respected sushi joints. But for Thai food, the field has been very limited--until now. Spices Asian Restaurant is throwing their hat in the ring and I'm excited…


Normally when I'm on my way to the airport, I'm pretty excited. Maybe I'm headed to a far off land, or maybe the beach. Of course, budgetary restrictions means that the often dreamed of beach vacation happens less often than one would like. Now, we have an option to dine like we are on the Riviera Maya even if we…

Q Hot Pot

When you think of Japanese food, the first style that comes to mind is probably not 'fondue.' And true enough, you won't find cheese or bread at Q Hot Pot, the newest addition to the Zona Rosa dining options. What you will find is a fun and tasty interactive dining experience focusing on fresh ingredients and customizable flavors known as…

Judi’s Bakery

In a quiet, unassuming building, set back from the road on Burlington Avenue, lies a haven of baked goods, sandwiches and donuts that will capture the heart and tastebuds of any sugar aficionado--Judi' Bakery. For 35 years, Judi White and her team have been captivating pastry lovers with a huge variety of baked goods, lunch fare and cakes for special…

The Draft Pick

What's in a name? The Draft Pick Grill and Cantina's name says it all: it's a restaurant that focuses on pub favorites but with a south-of-the-border kick. This new addition to the Barry Trails Shopping Center creates an oasis of good food and lots of entertainment for the sports lover and non-fan alike.

Kato Sushi

When it comes to hidden gems, the Northland has plenty. There are hidden diners, tucked into strip malls, dive bars with surprising beer selections and bakeries that should be the envy of the entire metro area. And then there’s Kato Japanese Cuisine, Sushi and Teriyaki. It employs the tactic of ‘hide in plain sight’ by nestling in on the busiest…