Northland Animal Welfare Society

If you told Goldie Arnold in 2010 that she would be neck deep in feral cats most Saturdays, she would have laughed at you. This realtor turned animal activist never anticipated becoming the spearhead in a community effort to offer spay and neutering services to low-income families, but since 2012, that's what she and the Northland Animal Welfare Society (NAWS)…

Imaging for Women

Mammograms: they strike fear into the heart of many women. They are traditionally uncomfortable, and the fear of the unknown can be daunting. But according to the American Cancer Society, all women with a reasonable risk of cancer (that means you) should get a yearly mammogram starting at age 40. Sor when the time comes, choose someone that will make this…

The Perfect Fundraising Recipe: Art Soup and Synergy Services Youth Resiliency Center

It’s amazing how something as seemingly simply as a bowl of soup can make the soul feel so good. When partnered with a great cause, it becomes a delightful embrace of the senses.

Dogs bring peace to veterans still fighting their own war

 Article Matt Smithmier | Photography Provided  Nani notices Mike’s growing anxiety even before he’s aware of it. From the end of her leash, she gently leads him to a quiet spot in the room and leans her tall frame against his legs. He sits, and she climbs into his lap to comfort him.  Even before he left the Army, Mike…

Healing from the Ground Up

A walk in the woods or even just leaning on a tree at the bus stop—a regular connection to nature has been shown repeatedly to bring all of us better health. For those struggling with mental illness or substance abuse, one Northland nonprofit is making that healing interaction a daily reality.

Team Smile

Never underestimate the power of a dedicated dentist and a professional athlete when they join forces to combat dental disease among underserved youth. The results can be far-reaching. Ask the participants in TeamSmile.

Teaming Up to Join Up

The Vietnam conflict is not an easy subject for most veterans to discuss. Scott Blaney can attest to that. The 30-year Army veteran spent time in Vietnam and in Desert Storm. Although he doesn’t talk much about his experiences, the wounds are there, as his wife, Carol, can attest.

Relay for Life

“You have cancer”. These three little words are ones no one wants to hear. For Lori Ewing, one of the three chairs for the Relay for Life of KC North, she volunteers her time so that no one would ever hear those words again. New for 2017 is a combined relay from three existing ones-- Liberty, Kearney, and Gladstone/Northland-- into…

Dr. Jonathan Philippe Leads Medical Mission

Hurricane Matthew made landfall as a Category 4 storm on southwestern Haiti on the morning of October 4. Force winds, estimated at 74 mph, battered the island nation and its citizens. One month after Hurricane Matthew hit Haiti, UNICEF reported that nearly 600,000 children remained in need of humanitarian assistance, facing disease, hunger, and malnutrition.

Liberty Hospital Foundation Reaches Out

Since opening in February of 1974, Liberty Hospital has worked to partner with the community it serves to improve the health, safety and well-being of patrons in the area. The Liberty Hospital Foundation was started in 1984 to provide financial help to continue these goals.

Synergy Services Expands Children’s Center

The Children’s Center of Synergy Services, a Parkville-based non-profit shelter for women and children, has experienced growing pains for years. “The Center typically serves 125 children annually, nearly 2,000 children since the program began in 2000,” says Dennis Meier, associate executive director at Synergy. “Unfortunately, the program turns away more than 300 each year due to limited capacity.”


Fern Brashear says that everyone who knows her knows her story. One major part of that story: at 81, she’s one of approximately 4,000 older adults raising grandchildren in the Kansas City area.

“You Saved My Family…”

"You saved my family. I was at a loss. Tempers flared; my wife took the kids. Patriot Outreach’s Coping Strategies™ worked. My family is back together, healthier and happier than ever,” proclaimed SSG Joseph Oehring, a Smithville Veteran of the Iraq War.

No Names

The Northland is home to many different volunteer groups. One you might not have heard of is aptly called “The No Names.” The group started with Joe Swartz in 1976, when a small group of guys visited a nursing home in Riverside. The name of the group was the "no names,” and that name came about because the residents they…

Symphony Orchestra

Maestro Jim Murray would like to invite you to 
the symphony. Don’t worry; if it’s your first time, Murray has you covered. “I always view concerts from the point of a view of a first-time concert-goer,” he says. “Inviting someone to participate means making sure they feel welcome. That’s why our program includes a guide to let everyone know how…

Treating The Whole Person, One Individual at a Time

For Jim Leach, it was a battle with bipolar disease. For Aaron Price, it was a devastating car crash that led to being paralyzed. Each man had a very different challenge that lay before him, but each was able to turn to the same place for help: The Whole Person. This incredible local nonprofit aids people with disabilities so they…

Lazarus Ministries Revitalizes a Downtown Church and the Downtrodden

In 1996, the congregation at Grand Avenue Temple United Methodist, at 205 E. 9th Street in Kansas City, Mo., had shrunk to some three families—a far cry from the hundreds it counted among its ranks in the glory days. The church had been active since 1865, but its community had altered greatly in the ensuing years, from a prosperous, busy…

Burlington Mattress: 
Giving a bed to those in need

Let me rephrase that: if you’re in the market for a new mattress, he wants to talk to you about his selection of high-end options at warehouse prices. After only five years in business, the company Collins started with his wife and daughter in the garage of their home has grown to seven retail locations in the Kansas City metro…

Metro Lutheran Ministry and Northland Service Center Fundraiser

Picture this: a humble, two-level ranch home in a typical suburban cul-de-sac. The same folks have had this house since 1986 and its walls have witnessed tears and laughter, desperation and hope.

Changing Leads Equine Rescue Changes Lives

Josie has a weight problem. She is currently more than 300 pounds underweight. Standing at 17 hands high, the tall, magnificent brown Percheron has seen better days over her 18 years of life. This gentle former broodmare arrived at Changing Leads Equine Rescue in early July. Since then, her life has slowly taken a better turn.

Greater KC Foundation

When Bill Gates, Warren Buffet or Oprah Winfrey give money to worthy causes, it’s usually millions, or even billions, of dollars. But most charitable giving comes from everyday people in much smaller amounts. And that is at the heart of the Greater Kansas City Community Foundation.

A Thirst for Knowledge, A Drive to Serve

Movement from crisis to opportunity, uncertainty to knowledge, forms the backbone of Abdul Bakar’s story. While a lifestyle of nomadic movement was familiar to Bakar in his native Somalia, circumstances and personal determination led him to his adopted home in Kansas City.

Tackling debt one lawn at a time

The average college graduate is tasked with finding a job, paying back college loans, and the mountain of stress that comes with those two things. For many of these graduates, finding a job that will pay enough to pay back those loans can be difficult. Todd Coleman, director of operations for EDU Lawn Care, hopes to change that with a…


Love the Skin You’re In! Article Peggy Parolin “Wear the skin you’re in.” For husband-and-wife dermatologist team Molly Menser and Brian Matthys, D.O.s, these words have become a mantra, an attempt to dispel the belief that being tan is healthy and cool. In fact, it’s just the opposite. “Tanning is NOT cool; it can be … Continued

Culture Through Ballroom Dance

Charity Provides Free Ballroom Dance Lessons for Public School Students article by Jennifer Higgins Photography Baileah Arant and provided Ballroom dance has been in the blood of retired William Jewell professor Will Adams, Ph.D., since the age of 13 in 1943 when his mother taught him the waltz. Since then, he continued to learn, and he … Continued

Chasing Normal

Global Health Innovation’s Mission of Caring for Moms and Babies with HIV Article Lisa Allen | Photos Provided I could pack this article with statistics: approximately 23 million people live with HIV in sub-Saharan Africa. Nearly 16 million children under the age of 18 have been orphaned by AIDS in Africa alone. Each day, 6,000 … Continued

Loving Hearts, Helping Hands: The Legacy of Stephen Corbin

 Stephen Corbin was anything but ordinary.  A foster parent and Big Brother, devoted husband and father, Rotarian, Optimist and lifelong basketball fan, Stephen had a heart for kids and the drive to help others. His passing—two days before his twin daughters’ tenth birthday—left a hole that simply can’t be filled.  “He died two and a half years ago,” says his…

Culture through Ballroom dance

Ballroom dance has been in the blood of retired William Jewell professor Will Adams, Ph.D., since the age of 13 in 1943 when his mother taught him the waltz. Since then, he continued to learn, and he has taught dance lessons in some capacity since 1951. Then the 2005 movie Mad Hot Ballroom inspired Adams, his late wife Eleaner, and his dance…