Talking to Kids about money

As your children begin to launch careers and financial lives of their own, it doesn’t mean that your parenting job is over. In fact, your kids could probably use your guidance now more than ever as they navigate their own path toward independence. They just might not know how to ask. And as confident as they may appear, there’s a…

The 4% Withdrawal Rule: 
An Outdated Retirement Strategy?

Many retirees wonder how much they can withdraw from their retirement portfolios each year, while still having a strong asset base. A common guideline has been 4%, known as the “4% Withdrawal Rule.” In recent years, this strategy has sparked major discussions among academics and professionals as to whether or not it’s still a viable guide for today’s retirees. Before…

Funeral Pre-Planning -Planning Ahead for Those Left Behind

No one wants to be buried in loafers after living a life that warranted stilettos. Maybe that’s why more and more people are deciding to pre-plan their final arrangements. Whether you choose a traditional funeral or a cremation option, every person is different and every service should be as well.