Finding the Soul of St. Louis

The Gateway Arch, Missouri Botanical Garden and St. Louis Science Center are like fancy china dinnerware placed on the table when company comes over. They’re impressive tourist attractions, but they are not the everyday heart and soul of St. Louis. Eating and drinking at local restaurants, shops, breweries and bistros is a surer way to get to know the city’s…

Hemingway’s WORLD

Emblazoned in large letters on a wall in the Kansas City Star’s newsroom for many years was a quote from Pulitzer and Nobel prize-winning author Ernest Hemingway praising the newspaper’s stylebook and editors for launching his literary career.

Hands-On Learning Opportunities Abound at Paradise Park

Teachers and home educators seeking top-notch, hands-on learning field trips to support your academic goals and excite your students: look no further.

The End of I-49

If you’re like me, years from now you’ll still be calling Highway 71 just that, but the fact is Kansas City has a new interstate. Highway 71 south out of KC is now officially Interstate 49. Although a few miles in southern Arkansas have not yet upgraded to interstate status, this new I-49 takes you just about all of the…

Ask the Experts: The Iowa Master’s Gardeners

Any day now, the little green shoots that have been pushing their way through the frozen ground around my mailbox are going to erupt into pinks and reds and yellows, the colors of the tulip and daffodil bulbs I planted last fall.