The Local Red Carpet: Film Festivals

It might not have been Sundance or Cannes, but when A-lister Don Cheadle walked the red carpet in Kansas City last spring, the cameras flashed, the microphones surged and the excitement literally crackled at the Cinemark Palace on the Plaza for the 20th annual Kansas City FilmFest.

Farm-To -Table, Local, And Organic…

Have you heard the latest dirt on farm-to-table food? It’s all about communication, partnership, and innovation. And Kansas City is right in the middle of all the action. Foodies and farmers depend on one another now more than ever. Foodies want to know the source of what they’re putting in their mouths. Farmers want to engender long-lasting and loyal relationships…


Full of beautiful colors and bright blooms, spring is a flower lover's dream come true. Follow these simple steps to create a beautiful centerpiece everyone can enjoy this season.

Samsara Vintage Home

A 200-hundred-year-old apothecary cabinet from Mongolia, elm wood chairs from India, and cabinets crafted by Missouri Mennonites all vie for space within the same setting, an eclectic mix of old and new, the forgotten and recovered. Collectively, they represent Samsara Vintage Home, a unique trove of home décor treasures located at 12 East Street in historic downtown Parkville.

Shopping for the Right-Sized Home in the Northland

The real estate market continues to tighten in 2017. Prospective homebuyers have options within several price ranges on the market in the Northland; however, it is crucial to be prepared and decisive when shopping for a dream abode. Being forearmed with knowledge about what to expect for hard-earned dollars can help make planning and deciding easier.

Endurance House

With a grand opening at the end of January, Endurance House is the only store of its kind in the Kansas City area, providing specialty running, walking, cycling, swimming, shoes, and gear, along with the support needed to lead a healthy lifestyle. Endurance House is a franchise out of Madison, Wisconsin, and with local couple and triathletes, Scott Sharkey and…

Run to Stop It

A civilized society must rise up and say “not in our city, not in our nation, not in our world!” These are the words of Phillip O’Reilly: husband, father, grandfather, and pastor of Rock of KC, a nondenominational church in the Northland. When O’Reilly learned that there is worldwide demand for children who are trafficked for sex with adults, he…

Unique Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him and Her

Parabo Press: Inspired by small-batch print processes, Parabo Press is the perfect gift for the photo-taking woman in your life. Offering products from square prints, both black and white and color engineer prints, 14-month photo calendars, glass prints and hardcover photo books, there’s truly something for everyone. Parabo.Press

Hugo Tea Delivers Adventure One Sip at a Time

In the modest front office of Hugo Tea Company, owner and founder Tyler Beckett adds heated water from a kettle into a clay teapot small enough to easily cup it in two hands. The teapot, etched on the side with Chinese characters, contains loose leaves of Da Ye Xi. The Chinese green tea has a smooth character and savory-sweet flavor.

Stay on Track

We all know how New Year’s Resolutions go. Come January 1, we’re all about it. We’re eating healthy, joining the mass quantities of gym-goers everyday after work and convince ourselves we’ll finally stick with it this time. As the months go by, it gets harder and harder to stay motivated, but this health and fitness gear is so cool you…

Skills of the Past Thrive in the Present

Puffs of gray wood smoke rise from a small fire built in the bottom of a white oak barrel. Doug Bratcher of Bratcher Cooperage leans over the barrel and watches the orange flames below. Aromatic smoke, carrying the song and scent of an Ozark Missouri forest, wafts past Bratcher’s full white beard.

Never Too Old to Stretch

Everyone is looking for the fountain of youth in body, mind, and spirit. Yoga teachers often hold classes that attract young and middle-aged students. Sadly, elderly men and women are often left out, especially those in assisted living establishments.

My Favorite Things

Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens ... or is it more Oprah's favorite things that you're looking for? Either way, Kansas City, and especially the Northland, has a few of my favorite things. This holiday season, find what you're looking for at the shop around the corner instead of just online. Here are some ideas for great gifts for…

Celebrate the Season!

Dancing and singing and tubas, oh my! The Christmas season might be full of shopping and obligatory office parties, but there are also opportunities for the young and the not-so-young to take in a show, watch a ballet, take a picture with Santa, and sip champagne with some of Kansas City’s most talented musicians.

Tradition Rolls on 
at Weston Tobacco

The rich, earthy aroma of tobacco smoke provides a clue about the Main Street location of Weston Tobacco, a retail shop located on the lower level of a corrugated metal building. At the end of a long, wide hallway, owner Zeb Hopper sits in a chair and leans over a table topped with a batch of loose, whole tobacco leaves…

A Trip to Ecuador with Children International Changes Two Lives

Sometimes seeing really is believing. Matt Staub, founder of marketing agency Proxima, snapped hundreds of photographs and recorded video once he and members of Children International set foot in Ecuador. Staub and the Children International (CI) team made their way to the nonprofit’s community centers in Guayquil and Quito, as part of a nine-day trip. Located high in the foothills…

Having It All: The Great Adventure

Webster Dictionary’s first full definition of the word adventure is, 'an undertaking usually involving danger and unknown risks'. How’s that for vague? Ask a friend what that means and she might say trying a new hairstyle; another might say real adventure requires a chunk of money and a plane ticket to someplace unpronounceable.

A Night at Quebec City’s Ice Hotel

The cold splintered through my body like a machine gun spewing high velocity rounds of pins and needles in my direction. I was both in pain and exhilarated, screaming madly as I ran across the snow-covered ground in below freezing temperatures wearing nothing but my swimsuit and bathrobe.

The Battle for Grid-Iron Glory in the Kansas City Electric Football League

Weighing four grams and standing one-and-a-half inches tall, the pass rusher on coach Lynn Schmidt’s Kansas City Chiefs’ team does not look formidable. Yet, the miniature athlete buzzes through the offensive front line and sacks the quarterback. Opponent Kelley Newton, coach of the Oklahoma Sooners, switches off the electric current. Schmidt and Newton reset the field for the next play.

Restless Spirits 
Comes Home

A marketing expert and a science teacher walk into a distillery…. Okay—that’s not exactly how Restless Spirit Distilling came to be, but it’s close: Michael Shannon (the marketing expert) knew he wanted to own a business. The conversation started with his best friend; then talk turned to research and research turned to location scouting.

Shock Treatment Makes Your Worst Nightmares Come True

What could be more satisfying for horror movie aficionados than seeing the latest frightening flick? How about starring in one? Adam Roberts and Brent Miller, owners of the Screenland Armour Theater and Tapcade, have made it possible for your worst nightmare to come true with the opening of SHOCK TREATMENT.

KC Police Department Mounted Patrol Rides Tall

Normally, the public doesn’t interact with a Kansas City Police Department squad car as it patrols down a neighborhood street. Add a horse to the officer’s patrol and the dynamic instantly changes to the benefit of all.

Bees find a hive in Liberty

"Eat honey, my child, for it is good." 
 Proverbs 24:13 ~ Pure honey is a taste bud’s treasure. This sweet nectar has been a symbol of good throughout history. Honey has been used as barter since the beginning of time and in thousands of recipes because of its rich, sweet flavor.

Strike Up the Band!

Marching band is not just for under the Friday night lights, or Saturday competitions. Four Park Hill High School graduates have spent their summer touring with the Troopers Band Corp, a competitive World Class drum and bugle corp founded in 1957. The corp’s season lasts from May to mid-August, with three to four shows a week, and traveling across 15-20…

Codie Lea–Getting straight to the heart

ometimes a person's life unfolds in a predictable manner--the cheerleader marries the star quarterback. But sometimes, life takes a more circuitous route. Codie Lea is a fan of finding the path not taken and making something memorable along the way. That's how she came up with the idea for her art studio, Moxie Muse Designs and the paintings that give…

The Brewkery Brews a Hit With Lucky Elixir Kombucha

Kombucha, a Russian word that means “tea mushroom,” refers to a drink of fermented tea that dates back to the late 19th century. While sharing the same name, Russian fermented tea is entirely different from Japanese kombucha, a rich, salty black tea that uses kombu, or kelp. Kombu is also used to make dashi, a soup broth and cooking stock…

The Middle KC Brings the Best of the Midwest to the Northland

The Middle KC is located at 109 Main Street, Parkville, MO. Hours are: Mondays - Closed. Tuesday – Saturday 10 a.m.-6 p.m.. Sunday 10 a.m.-3 p.m.. Visit them online at Northland shoppers looking for a Crossroads or Westport selection of local artisan products now need go no further than Main Street in Historic Downtown Parkville. The Middle KC put…

Green Dirt Farm’s Creamery Brings the Farm to Market

Follow the dog-leg bend eastbound on Welt Street in Weston and just before the intersection with 45 Highway, there’s a delicious reason to pull off the road at Green Dirt Farm’s Creamery. The sheep farm, founded by Sarah Hoffmann and known for its award-winning cheeses, opened a retail space and tasting room in early June. Inside, the Creamery is home…

Go North to Eat, Drink and Explore in St. Paul, Minnesota

As summer heats up, the cooler climes of the Upper Midwest make St. Paul, Minnesota, an enticing summer destination for families or a couples’ getaway. The 6.5-hour drive from Kansas City is a road trip that can be accomplished in one day. En route, stop at Van Dee’s Ice Cream Shop in Johnston, Iowa, north of West Des Moines and…

On the Road with Lani

For some artists, the impetus to create comes from the outside. Such was the case with photographer Lani Odell. Odell has been one of the primary photographers for Northland Lifestyle for several years now but she does much more than just portraits. She's a traveler, a wanderer with an eye for color and the yearning to see the parts of…

RoKC-Climbing to New Heights

Sometimes the passions that you harbor as a kid stick around for a while. For Boy Scout, Army officer and rock climbing enthusiast Andrew Potter, he found that his passion for the summit has turned into a thriving business in the heart of North Kansas City.

Cool Vintage Watches Makes Timely Expansion

John Putnam didn’t plan on becoming a watch collector. He hadn’t originally planned on opening Cool Vintage Watches, and most certainly didn’t expect to expand his business within a few years. But, he did. After spending more than 20 years marketing vintage watches and watch accessories online, Putnam became burnt out on strictly online sales. He missed the day-to-day interaction…

The Men’s Field Guide to the Northland

The North American habitat of the male species of homo sapiens in Kansas City, Missouri, specifically the territory bounded by the Missouri River to the south and Clay and Platte counties to the north, known colloquially as the Northland, is a wild, wonderful environment rich with resources for food, drink, adventure, and entertainment.

The Nibble Nook: Turning Lessons Into Sweet Success

Chef John Boydston is most at home in the kitchen. It’s where he had his first job, flipping eggs and washing dishes at age 13. It’s where he learned the ropes from other chefs. It’s where he honed his talent as a pastry chef and teacher.

A Life of Luxury

Luxury. We watch it on television on shows about the homes of the rich and famous and thumb through pages of it in In Style Magazine. But did you know that there are pockets of luxury right here in Kansas City? And no, not just in Mission Hills or on Ward Parkway. Some of the most luxurious homes are right…

The Long Way Around

Parenthood. So many dream of welcoming a new bundle of joy after they have met their soulmate and settled down. When we are younger, it seems so easy-boy meets girl, they fall in love, get married and start producing the average 2.5 kids. In reality, infertility is a much more widespread disease than many believe. For people that want to…

Savers–Finding new life for old things

That might sound like a bold statement; unrealistic, even, given the odds. But Savers has the stats to back it up: every day, each store sorts through approximately two tons of donated products and puts between five and six thousand new items on store shelves. Every year, it recycles 650 million tons of products and is the largest recycler of…

In the Spirit: McCormick Distilling’s Eco-Friendly 360 Vodka

While exploring land acquired in the Louisiana Purchase, explorers Lewis and Clark discovered a natural limestone spring in 1804 near what would become the town of Weston. The town, established in 1837 and incorporated in 1842, attracted residents, businessmen, and travelers as the westernmost town of its day in the U.S. Sometime in the 1850s, Kentucky businessman Ben Holladay was…

Baker Creek Heirloom Seed Company

This time of year, Planter's Seed and Spice Store in Kansas City's River Market is a busy, exciting place, making even those with concrete thumbs itch to dig in the dirt. With more than 40,000 varieties of seeds and other gardening aparatus filling the old wooden shelves and creaky wood floor of the historic building, everyone who enters the doors…

Spring Tea and Treats

March is often the time when people look forward to the coming of spring. However, in this part of the Midwest, winter can still pack a punch even in March. So for the little girls who are eager to get back in those colorful sundresses and play, what is the best solution? Have a tea party!

Ballet North Teaches More Than Classic Moves

Approximately 150 Ballet North students, including 20 company dancers, will participate in the spring festival production of “Alice in Wonderland” on June 10-11, 2016, at the Liberty North Performing Arts Center. Led by Artistic Directors Matthew and Laura Reinschmidt, the staff have a few months remaining to guide and teach pupils and dancers in preparation for the annual event. This…

Drama Kids International Encourages Kids to Act Up

Vanessa Davis’s passion for drama is no act; it’s been a lifelong ambition. By the time she turned nine, Davis was already performing at Gladstone’s Theater in the Park. One year later, she competed in a contest to become the next Martha Gooch Spaghetti kid and won. It’s fair to say she owes much of her success in drama to…

Seattle Fish Company International Lands in Riverside

Seattle Fish Company International brings the bounty of the world’s oceans to Kansas City. The company recently moved its wholesale seafood operation in November from the East Bottoms to a new 29,300-square-foot facility in Riverside. The Kansas City facility is modeled after its Denver-based sister company, Seattle Fish Company. Founded in 2004, the Kansas City operation has introduced an innovative…

Northland Kitchen Is Designed To Be Seen, Not Hidden

For Broker/Agent Candi Sweeney, nothing’s more satisfying than matching a client with the perfect home. More often than not, that match hinges on the suitability of a single room—the kitchen. Sweeney, a member of the Reece Nichols Wolfe-Sweeney team, which is the #1 resale team north of the river, says, “The kitchen really is the most important room in the…

Vino Pair: Finding the Perfect Pairings

Lasting impressions are created through taste buds. Entertaining friends, a new client or anyone worthy of being impressed by the best food or drink creates a challenge to serve unique and memorable cuisine experiences. Chefs worldwide make a living off people’s taste buds. Sadly, most of us are not chefs. Vino Pair, in Parkville, Mo. has created a business to…

The Laughing Place Bakery

This is a story about a dream. A dream of a place where families gather. A dream of a third child. A dream of a place where the knowledge that has been forgotten can be gained again. It's also a story about a bakery. But I digress. Alicia Hammon occasionally tears up when she tells her story. We are meeting…

Jeff Ehlrich: Park University’s Best

Imagine taking control of a 140-year-old renowned college shortly after heart surgery. A heart issue flared up just weeks before Dr. Jeff Ehrlich was appointed interim president by Park University’s Board of Trustees. Thankfully, this story has a happy ending. Ehrlich served on the faculty as Faculty Senate president and associate dean of Park University, located in Parkville. His qualifications…

Gladstone Masters Swim for Fitness

Light shimmers off the water in the indoor pools at the Gladstone Community Center. The scent of bleach in the warm air is unmistakeable. A group of swimmers gather at one end of the pool, adjust goggles and suits, jump in the water and begin warm-up laps. Masters swim coach Doug Hayden observes as the Gladstone Masters Swimmers ease into…

Landers’ Visions: The Life of the Party

Landers Collins created his company’s logo design in 1987 while in high school. The logo hasn’t changed since then, but Collins and his company, Landers’ Visions, has grown and adapted with the times to become one of Kansas City’s premier full-service event production companies.

A heathier and happier you

Best known for her roles in Groundhog Day and Four Weddings and a Funeral, among others, actress Andie McDowell spoke at the inaugural Wine & Wisdom Series event for North Kansas City Hospital’s Club W at The Courtyard by Marriott at Briarcliff.