Eat the Rainbow!

If you've ever slaved away at the stove to create a tasty dinner for the family only to have them turn their noses up at the sight of vegetables, I feel your pain. Healthy food can be a tough sell some days, but growing kids need nutrients from plants to thrive. So how do you get them to eat some…

Orange Easel School of Art

Imagine if Lionel Messi had never run conditioning drills or if Ed Sheeran had never practiced his scales. Would we have one of the greatest soccer players or most talented singer/songwriters right now? No. Because practice makes better. (Who wants perfect anyway?) 

The Littlest Yogis

Om, om, ommmmmmmm. That sound represents destressing and focusing on our inner selves for many practitioners of yoga. What do children have to destress from? Plenty! As their bodies change and grow, yoga-inspired exercises can help youngsters stretch and learn to utilize their bodies in healthy ways. That's one reason by instructor Niki Larrea started the Kids Kula. 

Get Away From It All In Comfort

If you're fascinated by tiny homes, we've found your perfect vacation: an RV trip across the U.S.! Today's RVs offer luxury and opportunity to see the country and bond with your travel mates.  Instead of lugging yourself to a location, let the journey be the destination in a Kodiak by Dutchmen. 

Farm Fresh

And on the 8th day, God looked down on his planned paradise and said, "I need a caretaker." So God made a farmer.

Blackberry Lemon Sangria

Looking for something sweet, tart, and slightly boozy? Fence Stile Vineyards and Winery's Chef Pete Dulin has just the thing--blackberry lemon sangria. Using a blackberry concentrate inspired by last summer's harvest, this tipple is balanced and pairs well with patios and friends. 

Gentlemen and Scholars

 Rev. Steven D. Graves III  Kansas City Fire Department, Youth Coordinator at Pleasant Green Baptist Church, KCKS  What was your first job? 

Lunge Toward Fitness

The majority of Americans sit too much. Whether we are on the couch or working at the office, this sedentary lifestyle is taking its toll on our bodies. Jonny Mack, one of the personal trainers and co-owners of Anytime Fitness in Liberty explains how sitting isn't just rounding our shoulders; it's killing our legs too. 

What Makes A Man?

If you love movies, and I do, you may have seen The Kingsmen a few years back. In it, Colin Firth plays an undercover member of Britains most secret society, the Kingsmen. And in it, he answers this question, “Manners maketh man.”  Manners do make the man but that’s only the tip of the iceberg. … Continued

Hustle and Flow

 Cassie Pruessner  Owner/instructor of Studio 10 dance in Liberty   Who makes up your family?

From Ear to Ear

 "I love you."  That was the last thing that Liberty native and William Jewell graduate Shanna Adamic heard in her right ear--words of love from her husband as she went into brain surgery in January 2018. The surgery was the culmination of a series of divine events that led to her discovery of an acoustic neuroma, a rare brain tumor that…

Whiskey in a Teacup

There's a modern misconception that there's such a thing as 'girly' drinks and 'manly' drinks. The world of spirits is inhabited and enjoyed by both genders. Of course, those making spirits are still predominately men, which the exception of Benay Shannon, the head distiller at Restless Spirits in North Kansas City. Shannon is the only female distiller in Missouri, and…

ReSale Shop

 First Stop  Do you have a donation chair? You know the one--it's typically covered with last year's trends that either didn't fit or just weren't a good idea in the first place. Maybe it's a box for you, one filled with odds and ends that you just can't find a good use for and Marie Kondo says they have to…

Curiosity Passport

Alexis Webb Bechtold has the sort of ebullient personality that invites someone to talk to her. It's fitting then that her art installation at the Paper Birch Landing Gallery is essentially a visual guidebook to 24 public art pieces around the Kansas City metro area.

Mitch e Amaro

If one wants to procure a bottle of spirits for consumption at home, one needn't look too far to find a liquor store, grocery store or gas station. But for someone looking for exactly the right spirit for a particular cocktail, it can be a bit of a challenge, especially if your tastes run to the bitter or smoky flavors…

A Place to Call Home

We all have dream homes, right? Homes that have enough space to accommodate family and friends but locations that still feel peaceful? Luckily, these homes aren't just dreams--they are well within reach with three properties that are currently available through Reese Nichols realtors,  Wolfe-Sweeney & Courtney. 

Feed Supply Market & Deli: “Our Home or Yours”

Hope Dillon understands what it’s like to work long days and then have to consider what to do about meals for the family. Grabbing something on the run may be an option, but depending upon where you get it, it’s not always the healthiest--or even tastiest--option. Dillon doesn’t want you to deprive yourself of good food, and as the owner of…

Green and Leafy Leads to Healthy

The plants you bring inside do more for your home than simply beautify the space. They also help make it healthier. House plants breathe in carbon dioxide and breathe out clean oxygen, but they are also cleaning the air of other common household pollutants like benzene and formaldehyde.

Honing Their Craft

Makers. The term has an instant image attached--the artsy type making Etsy-worthy items in their kitchen after work. But those that we consider makers are those that create in any way. We caught up with three different makers to explore the ways that they are enhancing the Northland. 

Lyric Opera

Lyric Opera of Kansas City has been creating transformational opera experiences for more than 60 years. Lyric Opera currently performs in the heart of the city at the Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts with Tracy Davis-Singh as the director of production.    “I coordinate all members of the production team, from costumes and scenery to lighting and makeup,” says…

Locally Sourced

In an unassuming strip center just off of North Oak Trafficway, the best cuisine of Jordan is being served by husband and wife team, Mohamed and Kholoud al Bataineh. Queen Sweets and Bakery is known for their shwarma and mashawi platters, full of spice and flavor. Here, they share the secrets to their famous saffron rice. More than just a…

Kansas City Illusion Synchronized Skating Teams: Together, They Are One

When these athletes are on the ice, they seem to be right at home. With 70+ athletes comprising six competitive teams, Kansas City Illusion Synchronized Skating Teams glide like poetry in motion. The only team sport inside of figure skating, synchronized skating combines the essence of singles skating with sportsmanship, commitment, and the invaluable support of a team. And while…

Putting ‘personal’ back into patient care

Just about every health care provider hopes to be known for that “personal” touch, but one Northland surgery center seems to be delivering on that boast.

A Visit to Carriacou – Just What the Doctor Ordered

Travel is good for the body and soul. Numerous scientific studies from credible organizations prove that a vacation minimizes stress and depression, reduces risk of heart attack, increases creativity and overall levels of happiness.

All I want for Christmas . . .

 On the road with Diana Lambdin-Meyer  Diana isn't just an avid traveler--she's a travel writer, living the dream and make her travels work as a career. She and her husband, Bruce, have quite the collection of Christmas ornaments they have gathered from their world travels, making their tree unique. When she isn't writing for major newspapers, in-flight magazines, and Northland…

Worth remembering

The small dents in her mom’s car represented much more than a potential repair bill.

One Fire: Three ways to spark!

Robert Girard of Wolfe Sweeney & Courtney sees a lot of beautiful homes in his line of work, but one of his most recent listings stands out. This home, featured on the 2018 Homes of Note tour to support the Symphony Guild, has many stand out features, but this mantlepiece is one of his favorites. Designer John Shackleford of Shackelford…

(Not) Home for the Holidays

As we all tuck into turkey and all the fixings, we can assume a reasonable level of safety. But what if Aunt Marge drops a tea towel on an open flame or someone has an allergic reaction to the cranberry sauce? Without first responders like our police, fire departent and emergency room nurses and doctors, many would find themselves in…

Learning to let go of the load

Stress on the job means something completely different when you wear a uniform. So, it’s not surprising that treatment for those who have experienced trauma on the job needs to be something different as well.

Ban the Box!

Are you one of the masses that loves standing in line in the wee hours of the morning to snag a cheap TV? If so, more power to you. The life of a bargain warrior is a lonely one. But let me present an alternative--get up at a reasonable time, have a liesurely cup of coffee, and then go out…

22nd Annual Adorn Style Show: An Evening at Meierotto Jewelers

It was a memorable night filled with fashion, food and fun at the Adorn Style Show, hosted by Meierotto Jewelers. Money raised from the event will go towards funding grants for 22 Northland charities. Harvest Ball Society’s mission is to respond to the evolving needs of the Northland through inspired philanthropy.   

Where Chefs Eat

If you think that figuring out dinner every night for your family is tough, try doing it when your job is figuring out dinner (or breakfast or lunch) for your patrons--that's every chef's dilemma. That's why we asked three Northland chefs where they go when they just can't cook anymore. Their answers may be a godsend for those of us…

A Day at the Orchard

For some, an apple is simply the punchline to an old proverb about healthcare or an afterschool snack. For others, apples are the culimination of a lifetime of work and the symbol of time well spent. Curt and Kristy Alldredge fall firmly in the second camp. As owners of Alldredge Orchards in Platte City, they have decades of experience cultivating…

The Road Less Traveled Ended in Cuba

Everyone has a “bucket list.”  I carry mine with me wherever I go, perhaps fearful of missing an unexpected opportunity. So it was with my impromptu visit to Cuba, the once forbidden isle.


 Article Rachel C. Murphy | Photography Stephen Shireman  Soccer (or football everywhere else in the world) is known as 'the beautiful game'. The finesse, the speed, the agility necessary to move the ball continuously for 90 minutes creates a ballet of athletic ability. No one knows this better than the members of Sporting KC, Kansas City's MLS team. Two of…

Herbert Harris: Raising Canes

 Article Rachel C. Murphy | Photography Ashley Elwell  Idle hands are the devil's workshop, or so the saying goes. Perhaps that works in proverbs, but sometimes idle hands offer untold opportunities as well. Such was the case for Herbert Harris. While recovering from back surgery in 2014, this paraprofessional in the Northwest Middle School and co-director of the Kid Zone…

Food Styling 101:

 Article Rachel C. Murphy | Photography Joel Schneider  Chef Chervan Desaugauste knows a bit about styling. As the chef/owner of Mesob, an African/Caribbean fusion restaurant in midtown, he sends out beautiful plates full of flavor. But this Northlander also says that the days of sticking a random sprig of rosemary on for garnish are gone. Now plate styling is all…

Illuminate at The Monarch Bar

The inaugural Illuminate event occurred on August 1st at The Monarch Bar. The event raised $42,000 for the Children's Center for the Visually Impaired (CCVI) through a silent auction. Co-chairs Beth Collings and Nicole Carr are already excited for next year's event. 

Fur Friends Forever

 Article Rachel C. Murphy | Photography Joel Schneider  They call dogs 'man's best friend' but as these Northlanders can attest, there's no gender to the camaraderie that our canine friends provide. We asked four Northlanders to introduce us to their furry friends and they willingly obliged. Meet the happiest citizens in the Northland!   Name: Shannon Bowman+Pita 

A Six-legged Team

 Article Rachel C. Murphy | Photography Joel Schneider  Anyone that has seen a cop movie knows that an officer is only as good as his partner. For Officer Kenneth Davis of the Kansas City Police Department, he knows he can rely on his partner. After all, he's man's best friend. Meet one of KCPD's K-9 teams!  Officer Davis has served…

The Little Lemonade Stand that Could

 Article Rachel Murphy | Photography Joel Schneider  What's more American than a kid opening a lemonade stand to earn some pocket money? That's what Gladstone resident Gina and her son, Jacob, thought when they decided to try their hands at small business this summer. After eyeing a lemonade stand at Sam's Club for weeks, Jacob's older sister surprised him with…

Play the Part

What You Need to Create Unique Play Areas Perfect for Your Kiddos’ Unique Interests Nicolette Martin What do you want to be when you grow up? It’s a question we were all asked as kids—one that was so innocently answered with whatever our obsession of the week was. Maybe today your child wants to be … Continued

Splash into Summer!

 Article Rachel Murphy | Photography Provided  Sure, we all love a good pool day in the dog days of summer, but if you're young, a sprinkler will do! Luckily, the Northland has four great splash pads where kids can cut loose and get wet for free. And Mom and Dad, I don't think anyone will mind if you run through…

Cordial Craft

 Article Allison Swan | Photography Paul Versluis  Cordial Craft is Kansas City’s newest craft cocktail catering service specializing in fresh, made-to-order seasonal drinks using locally sourced produce. Brandon and Alyssa Burke, the bar-savvy couple behind the beverage business, traded their belongings for a motorhome and made the journey from California to the Midwest seeking adventure.   “Cordial Craft was started almost by…

Callsign Brewing Founded by Veterans to Honor Heroes

 Article Pete Dulin | Photography Joel Schneider  Callsign Brewing originated as an idea by homebrewers, veterans, and longtime friends Steve Sirois and Morris Loncon that became a mission. The brewery and beers honor active, veteran, and fallen members of the military. Owned by Steve and wife, Chandra, they enlisted son Steve Sirois Jr. and friends Larry Walter, Steve Fry and others…

Don’t Skip Leg Day

 Photography Joel Schneider  David Bromberg knows that half the battle is making it to the mat. As a wellness coach and team lead at Cerner and a personal trainer and fitness coach at David Bromberg Fitness, he creates customized workouts for his clients that focus on their personal goals and fit into their lifestyles. While everyone can agree that Chris…

Mover and Shakers

 Article Rachel C. Murphy | Photography Trista Taylor  Alisdair Philp, PhD, MS, CGC, Kansas University Medical Center  Intro:

Summer Blockbusters

 Article and Photography Pete Dulin  Summer nights are made for hanging out late and catching up with friends, whether chilling on a patio or escaping heat and humidity indoors over a cold beer. The Northland has numerous dining, drinking, and entertainment options for a guy’s night out. Kick off the night at a craft beer taproom, such as Big Rip…

Movers and Shakers

 Article Rachel Murphy | Photography Joel Schneider  The Doctor  Dr. Ancy Maruthanal, M.D.

A Spring Table

 Photography Paul Versluis  Almond Pistachio Tartlets with Apricots  Ingredients