Welcome home!

What better month to feature the Home? November marks the beginning of the most festive time of year--full of family gatherings, holidays and lots of excuses to spruce up the old homestead.

Salud, cheers, noroc and sláinte!

It's here--our semiannual beer and wine issue! This issue has been particularly exciting for me for the past few years as the Northland has exploded as a place known for good people making good products. This issue is no exception.

The furry, feathered, scaled, hooved and loved.

Welcome back to one of my favorite issues all year--The Pets. I am an unabashed dog lover so this is just a whole month of thinking about great ways that I can describe my interactions with my two dogs, Indiana Jones and Short Round. Short Round joined our family last December and it seems like she has always been here,…

From the ground up.

Savor the summer, my friends, for it is rapidly drawing to a close. Although September may still scorch, any school kid will tell you that August is the end of the line for summer fun these days. It's time to think about starting things and the Home Grown issue is the perfect way to start thinking about that.

Happy Anniversary!

Dear Readers, That's right, it's been four years since Northland Lifestyle first launched. Over the last 48 issues, I've been blessed to meet some of the kindest and most unique people in the Northland. When I took this position, I didn't know what to expect. Now I know to expect to be surprised as I learn something new about my…

The world of men.

It's that time of year again--our annual "Man" issue! Of course we celebrate the men in our lives every day, but during June, we focus a little bit more on dear old Dad. Even if you're not a father, you're a valuable part of our community and we celebrate you!

Love is in the air!

Who doesn't love a wedding? As we march forward into wedding season (May through September now!), many brides are scrambling to put the finishing touches on guest lists, favor baskets and set lists. But marriage is more than the party that you throw for your nearest and dearest. It's a lifelong commitment to loving and learning with someone. 

Growing and Thriving!

 Dear Readers,  I am thrilled to inform you that spring is here. As I type this (in early March) the high will be a balmy 65 degrees and although I know that may not mean anything in a week, right now, I choose to bask in the realization that spring is upon us.  Every April we dive into all things green: sustainability,…

Make art.

Karak, Jordan (CNN)Two days after news emerged that ISIS had burned a captive Jordanian pilot to death, the Middle Eastern nation has hit back.