Hey Neighbors!
It’s September, so of course, that means that Anna Wintour and our editor, Rachel, are thinking about fashion. Luckily, there are a ton of hidden gems in the Northland when it comes to boutiques. While we may not have the Plaza or Halls, we have a wealth of options for unique but affordable clothing that can work for any occasion. 

As a mom on the go, I can appreciate a local boutique that makes it effortless to find an outfit last minute.  Although currently, my closet has options that include styling my baby bump, I’m looking forward to meeting my new addition and getting back to my normal style groove.  But no matter the phase I am in, I love supporting our local small businesses any way I can. 

Fashion may seem superficial at times but it plays a big part in self-image. As social media increases its influence in our lives, especially for our teenagers, it can feel exhausting trying to keep up with the ever-changing styles. On the flip side, fashion gives kids a creative outlet when they need one most. Hopefully, as everyone settles into the school year, they’ve found their own signature style and are rocking it! 

Personally, I like seeing styles come back around. I love the wide-legged jean that’s coming back. Maybe I can find a pair at one of my local boutiques…I’ll see you out shopping!