Tips for finding the sparkler that will last a lifetime

Is it time to shop for an engagement ring? Congratulations! Despite the magic of this special moment, engagement ring shopping can feel overwhelming, so here are a few tips to help make that search just a little easier.

1. Consider her sense of style. Her style is what makes the bride-to-be unique and why you love her. Today’s couples frequently shop together for rings, and that can make it much easier to find “The One.” If your goal is to surprise her, consider what kind of jewelry she wears now. Is it simple and elegant? Delicate? Does she like statement pieces? What color metals does she wear?  

2. Get help. Ask anyone you think might know what she would like (but can keep your secret!).  Her friends, her mother, and your mom may be your best bet. Many brides-to-be will also have a Pinterest page ready to go with great ideas. Don’t forget to check on finger size. You want it to fit right out of the box if possible. If she has petite fingers, you may want to consider having a personalized ring made. 

3. While that one perfect ring will become priceless to her, money does play a role in your selection. The old adage of “three months pay” is just that–old. Setting a realistic budget can help you get something you will love but can also afford. It is best to work directly with a jeweler since they can help you get the best value for your dollar. There may be some form of financing available as well.

4. Spend most of the budget on the diamond. The more ideal the diamond is, the more expensive it will be. Don’t get too caught up in grading though; it does not have to be perfect to be a beautiful, affordable diamond. Consider a lab-grown diamond as well. They usually look better than their mined counterparts and can be a great value. 

5. Relax and try to have fun with the ring buying experience. It will be one of the most meaningful purchases you make in your relationship. It is the ring you and your bride will always cherish, and if you make it about how much you love her, that’s what you’ll remember.