Adventures in Baby Naming

Parenting is no easy feat. The decisions start immediately–do you find out the sex? Drugs or no drugs? Homebirth or hospital? And of course, one of the most important questions of all–what are we going to call this kid? 

With our first daughter, the name came easily–Iris from me and Carina from my husband. But upon finding out that we were having another girl, the real work began as we searched to find a name that we loved as much as hers. Luckily, on a seven-hour road trip to visit family, we had plenty of time to mull it over and decided on Indra, which means ‘possessing drops of rain’ in Sanskrit. We also decided another thing–we weren’t going to reveal the name until she was born. 

Of course, we told Iris. She’s a very verbal toddler but she’s also very ornery. And so when her grandmother and aunt were trying to coax the name of her upcoming sibling from her lips, she had a bit of fun with them. 

As they changed her diaper one day during a family gathering, Cici asked, “Iris, now I know you know your sister’s name. Won’t you tell Cici?” 

Iris nodded and looked very seriously at Cici. Cici asked again. 

“What’s your sister’s name going to be?” 

Iris whispered, “Moana.” 

Cici and Auntie laughed. Obviously, we weren’t naming our daughter after our first-born’s favorite Disney character. Aunt Holly decided to give it a try. 

“Come on now, Iris, you can tell me. What’s her name going to be?” she asked as she leaned down to her level. 

Iris looked up at her earnestly and said, “Poopy diaper.” 

And that’s how Moana Poopy Diaper came to complete our family. We just call her Indra for short.