Kids and pets–both capture the feeling of innocence that adults grow out of so quickly. If you want to witness pure joy, find a splash pad on a hot day or visit the dog park when someone has extra treats. As we head back to school, we want to take a moment to celebrate our future leaders and the animals that teach them to love!

Our August issue is full of fun this year. I had a blast creating colorful activities for our “Eat the Rainbow” party. Yoga instructor Niki Larrea’s suggestion of a meditation bottle even made it into our party scheme! Larrea’s kid-centered yoga practice has tons of great ideas of how to connect with your little one and how to help them find their center, even as it grows upward (quickly!). 

For those of us that have fur kids instead, Goldie Arnold’s passion at the Northland Animal Welfare Society’s low-cost Spay and Neuter Clinic will inspire you. Enabling lower-income families to lovingly care for their pets is an amazing way to level the playing field for families, both animal as well as human. Although Arnold says that their clinic is small in comparison to some, they make a big impact in our community.

This issue really hit home for me. As the mom of a passel of girls–two canine and two human–I’m always looking for new ways to interact and show appreciation for my little family. Showing a little extra love is always called for and hopefully, this issue will spark some new ideas on how to do just that! 

See you around the neighborhood!



Correction: In the July issue, our Driver’s Notebook erroneously listed that the photos were provided by Ultimate RV. They were, in fact, provided by Unlimted RV. For more information, visit them at We regret the error.