Dear Readers, 

It’s the time that we’ve all been waiting for–summer! And this isn’t just any summer; no, this is a unicorn of a summer, one that warmed up slowly and gave us a long spring to soak in the beautiful temperate weather before July’s blazing hot days took over. I’ve lived in my backyard for the last month, and I couldn’t be happier! 

Our Summer issue is all about enjoyment, whether you’re looking for a concert under the stars (spoiler alert: there’s several to choose from!) or a farmers market with ripe heirloom tomatoes and crisp cucumbers. We have the inside scoop on keeping the state bird, the mosquito, at bay with natural remedies. We also have a few KC favorites from our very own publisher, Jeron Traphagan.

As my girls get older, I’m enjoying spending more time outside with them–pushing them on the swings, hunting for critters in the grass, or splashing in the pool. It takes me back to the long days of my childhood, ones free of screens but full of bug bites, scraped knees from games of tag, and dusky evenings full of fireflies. There’s nothing purer than the joy and wonder that nature can bring to a child’s life and I’m so happy that my daughters are still young enough that they prefer time with me to time on a device. 

As this July unfolds with fireworks, cookouts, and hopefully pitchers of blackberry lemon sangria, I hope that you have a chance to enjoy the summer and all the magic that it holds. If you find something particularly enjoyable, I’d love to hear about it! My mailbox is always open!


Happy summer, friends!