What Makes A Man?

If you love movies, and I do, you may have seen The Kingsmen a few years back. In it, Colin Firth plays an undercover member of Britains most secret society, the Kingsmen. And in it, he answers this question, “Manners maketh man.” 

Manners do make the man but that’s only the tip of the iceberg. The men in my life are held to a high standard and by and large, they exceed it. I’m blessed to be married to a man that works hard and takes pride in all that he does. I can’t imagine raising children with anyone but him. 

When putting this issue together and reading Jeron’s letter about raising her son, I started thinking about raising girls, too. My husband is more than just a partner to me; he’s an example for my daughters of what to expect in a relationship. No pressure, right? Luckily, he’s showing them the important stuff–hard work, kindness, and a sense of whimsy as he makes time to play. 

This issue was a lot of fun to write. Our feature about the gentlemen of the Northland brought together four men from varying backgrounds but all with great lessons to impart. Talking to Noe Palma inspired me to take a break and kick back with some feel good music. And Jonny Mack inspired me to stop crushing my hamstrings and stretch them out instead with his lunge variations. There’s always something to learn in journalism! 

As the summer really gets started, take time out and do something with your favorite guy, whether that’s kicking back with a beer on the patio or going fishing with the kids. Let’s find ways to show the men in our life that they are valued each and every day. 

Happy Father’s Day!