Dear Readers, 

My house is a mess. You how you always have one friend that perpetually says that her house is a mess, but her idea of a mess is a few papers on an otherwise pristine kitchen island? Yeah, I’m not that friend. I’m the one that legitimately can’t keep up with the amount of paper, children’s toys and dog hair that continues to accumulate in every room of our charming but small mid-60s home. 

As Marie Kondo invaded our homes via Netflix this year, I’ve seen a lot of people on social media talking about what ‘sparks joy’ and what doesn’t. For me, it’s not that simple. Could I be more organized? Sure and I’m trying to put systems in place that allow our expanded family to function properly. But when it comes to joy, it’s people, not things that spark that for me. And let’s be honest–people are messy. 

In our home issue, we find some fun ways to enliven our living spaces, whether we are taking inspiration from one of Wolfe-Sweeney & Courtney dream home listings in our feature story or just finding the perfect, unkillable house plant that helps us breathe a little easier. If you’re inviting guests into your home, Design in the City has some great suggestions for a gift basket for the guest room. And when you’re just too tired to think about dinner, Feed Supply Market and Deli is there in a pinch to help you fake a home-cooked meal. 

Home is, as the cliche goes, where the heart is. I hope that as this magazine finds a place in your home, you’re surviving the long, long winter, and dreaming of throwing those windows open to the spring. 



Correction: In our February issue, we misspelled Shriti Plimpton’s name in our Makers feature. We regret the error.