February–it may be the shortest month but in the midst of the doldrums of winter, it can also be the month that pushes you to be the most creative! While I’m enjoying having a ‘real’ winter again, I have to admit that cabin fever has set in a bit. Luckily, I have a curious toddler that will use anything and everything to be creative, including snow, crayons, or my lipstick! 

For this issue, we focused on the people adding value to our community in creative ways. Our feature story highlights three groups that can all be considered ‘makers,’ even if their methods vary wildly. In our second feature, the artistry of the Lyric Opera shines as well. Looking for art you can eat? Make a batch of Queen Sweets and Bakery’s saffron rice. It’s beautiful and tasty! 

Creativity is something that many people yearn for and don’t realize is within their grasp. Far from being a limited commodity, creativity is simply the ability to open yourself up to the possibilities of creation. No one ever said that your work has to be good, or commercial or even seen by any one else. Simply dancing in your living room and letting the music take over can be an act of creativity. 

As I try to stay healthy post-baby, I’ve been watching some yoga videos on YouTube. My favorite practitioner is Yoga With Adriene. Her catchphrase is one that I can get behind, “Find what feels good.” Accessing your creativity can definitely live within those words. Find what makes you light up inside and do it however it feels good. You’ll be glad you did!