Find different ways to dress up your mantlepiece this holiday season

Robert Girard of Wolfe Sweeney & Courtney sees a lot of beautiful homes in his line of work, but one of his most recent listings stands out. This home, featured on the 2018 Homes of Note tour to support the Symphony Guild, has many stand out features, but this mantlepiece is one of his favorites. Designer John Shackleford of Shackelford Designs showed us three ways to style this feature to create unique looks that will stand out in any home! 

Angels’ Envy

Let the angels be heard on high with these alabaster-colored sentinels trumpeting the holiday message. Pine cones add texture to the mantle while swathed in gauzy ribbon and snowflakes. 

Stopping in the Woods on a Snowy Evening

Let Robert Frost play out on your mantlepiece with a lush swath of greenery bedecked with red ribbons. All this creates the perfect stage for a few rustic reindeer and a tree or two. 

Welcome Santa!

For a more traditional hit of sparkle, start with a few metallic cone trees and a jumble of greenery, berries and pine cones. Accent with a stocking or two and Saint Nick himself in his more traditional form. 

All three looks work with the existing painting, pulling colors from the art and incorporating a non-holiday image into the holiday look. Experiment with including your year round decor in your holiday designs!