Happy holidays, dear readers! It’s the most wonderful time of the year around my house–I’m already behind on the baking but the shopping is going well and I’m anticipating lots of family time as the big event draws close. This year, I have even more to celebrate. My daughter, Indra Selene, was born on November 1, just in time to celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas with the family! She’s a sweetheart and while the sleepless nights aren’t much fun, the little smiles and cuddles are worth every waking moment. 

The December issue is all about celebration. No matter what beliefs  you hold, December will give you an opportunity to celebrate. In our feature story, we take a peek into three Northlanders’ Christmas wish lists, including my own! (My husband is just glad to have it ahead of time this year!) And if you’re looking for another way to celebrate, do as the Icelanders do–give books on Christmas Eve and spend the evening reading in cozy comfort. Our Page Turners article has seven suggestions for books to dive into this winter. 

The holidays are also a time to be generous wtih our time and our resources. I hope that we will all find a way to make sure someone else’s holiday is merry and bright in some small way. Harvesters is always grateful for donations but there are many other worthy organizations that appreciate your generosity. No matter who you choose, your gift is appreciated. 

I hope that as this year comes to a close, we all take a moment to reflect and be grateful for the bounty which we have been given. Be blessed, friends, and let that blessing pass through you to others. 


Happy holidays,