Be a good neighbor, one action at a time

Christine Evans is not one to preach without practicing. The Exectutive Director of nonprofit Feed Northland Kids is making a difference every day. But do you have to be in leadership to make a difference? Not at all. Here are her tips for making a difference. 

1. Help the vulnerable – young children and elderly seniors need basic things like food. Organizations like Feed Northland Kids and Clay and Platte County Meals on Wheels provide daily and weekend food. Check out ways you can become involved, by donating or volunteering.

2. Take a good look at your immediate area. Are older neighbors struggling to keep up with their home maintenance? Is lawn care becoming too much? Begin a conversation, help where you can or contact Northland Neighbors or Christmas in October.

3. Noticing stray dogs or is your home a bit too quiet? Hundreds of animals are waiting for their “forever families.” Check out KC Pet Project or FOPAS. Someone to love is waiting for you!

4. Check out local nature sanctuaries or parks. Nearly all have a few beautification days each year. Spending time outdoors ranks high on every quality of life assessment.

5. Have a cause near and dear to your heart? Undoubtedly, there are local people struggling with the same issues who can use your support. Investigate local chapters or perhaps create a Facebook birthday fundraiser for your local cause. 

Any of these actions will help people you might never know, but whose lives will be so much better because of you. We can build a great local community together. Wear that “good neighbor” badge with pride. You earned it.