Kids and pets–two things that are particularly close to my heart! That’s our theme this month–the people and animals that make us smile each day. This issue practically writes itself because the Northland is such a family and animal-oriented area but I’m still happy to be able to steer the ship a bit! 

Over the years, I’ve written quite a bit about my two dogs, Indiana Jones and Short Round. I thought that I loved them more than any human being could. I was wrong. My daughter, Iris, thinks that she is part puppy and follows them, cuddles them, and plays with them as if they were all the same pack. And in a lot of ways, they are! 

It’s long been a cliché that puppies and babies are the sales world’s favorite tool, but there’s a good reason for that. Kids and pets have all the innocence that adults have lost or forgotten. They express joy so purely that it’s irresistible and we just want to join in. 

So it’s with great joy that I present this issue. I must apologize for not representing our cat lovers more thoroughly but the felines among us are more reticent to be photographed outside. You will meet some fantastic dog and owner teams and even one that you could call a ‘partnership’, that of Officer Kenneth Davis and Victor, a K-9 cop and his partner. The streets are safer with those two on the job. 

Please enjoy this issue as we wrap up the summer, sending kids off to school and languishing in the ‘dog days’ of summer!