These Northlanders are dedicated to their dogs!

They call dogs ‘man’s best friend’ but as these Northlanders can attest, there’s no gender to the camaraderie that our canine friends provide. We asked four Northlanders to introduce us to their furry friends and they willingly obliged. Meet the happiest citizens in the Northland! 

Name: Shannon Bowman+Pita 

Shannon Bowman and husband Rich Bowman are owned by chihuahua Pita, 13 (pictured), baby werewolf Bilbo, 8, chiweenies Husker, 18, and Chickpea, 2. They live in Kansas City north. 

How did you meet your dogs?

SB: I’d only had big dogs and wasn’t very enthused about having a little one but after my black shepherd, Vitus, passed away, my sisters’ chihuahuas had a litter and my husband talked me into taking a peek at them. I met Pita seconds after they were born and immediately claimed her and named her. She is my best friend and I tell her that every day. All others are rescues. I got tired of every dog I’ve had dying of some form of cancer so did a lot of research on diet. We make their food now and they are in amazing health. Husker can vouch for that.

What is your favorite thing to do with your furry family members?

SB: Dogpile! I just want them all on me. Pretty much at all times. And Pita is unique in that she is an ESA (emotional support animal) so she can come with to most places even though they don’t know she’s there. She just sleeps in my (her) purse.

What is your day job?

SB: I’m a designer for Hallmark and I also create content for and manage social media communities.

What is your favorite thing about being a pet owner?

SB: People say my pets hit the lottery but I feel like they do way more for us. They make us laugh every single day even though they do the same silly things over and over. They are just magical little creatures.

Name:  Kari Williams+Booth.

Kari is owned by Booth, 6, a Rhodesian Ridgeback/Lab mix. They live off of Chouteau Parkway. 

How did you meet your dog? 

KW: I volunteered with Animal FAIR (Foundation for Animals In Risk) in Sedalia, Mo., while interning at the Missouri State Fair in 2013. While helping at an adoption event, I met Booth (then known as Barney). I immediately took a liking to him, but our family dog, Kandi, was suffering from bone cancer. I was concerned about bringing a new dog into my life while trying to keep her comfortable in her last weeks. I had been contemplating whether or not to adopt Barney when I went home to St. Louis for a weekend visit. Kandi, a strong and protective Great Pyrenees, was having a rough time, so my mom and I sat and talked to her about how I found this adorable dog back in Sedalia. The next morning, Kandi lost her fight — something I’ve always looked at as her knowing I had another dog to take care of me. As soon as I returned to Sedalia, I began the process of adopting Barney, changed his name to Booth and brought him back to St. Louis when my internship ended.

What’s your favorite thing to do with your dog?

KW: I like to take him on long walks in the neighborhood or at Berkley Riverfront Park. He loves car rides.

What is your day job?

KW: I am an associate editor for VFW magazine. 

What is your favorite thing about being a pet owner?

KW:  The unconditional love a dog brings to your life. There’s nothing like being greeted with a wagging tail, obnoxiously adorable whimpers, and puppy snuggles (typically all at once) after a long day at work.

Name: Scot & Jessica Cornish+Solo, Chewbacca, Savannah, Penny and Aria.

Scot and Jessica are owned by Penny, a senior Maltese, Solo, a border collie mix, Chewbacca, a German Shepherd, Aria, a senior maltipoo, and Savannah, a miniature bull terrier. They live in Excelsior Springs. 

How did you meet your dogs? 

JC: All of our dogs are rescues. Penny was adopted from MARQ. Solo came from FOPAS (Friends of the Parkville Animal Shelter). Chewie was found on the side of the road with his litter mates and mom by a rescue. We spent an entire day looking for a new family member and the next day I met Aria. She’s been my number two ever since! Savannah was rescued from the breeder auctions by our previous groomer. We watched her while she went on vacation and she became permanently ours shortly after that. She was so scared of everything because of the abuse she had endured; she wouldn’t even leave the kennel. Our groomer thought she had no quality of life but one day in daycare, Chewbacca got Savannah to play and she hasn’t stopped playing with him. He saved her life and we are so proud to be her parents.

What’s your favorite thing to do with your dogs?

JC: We love to spend time outside, whether it’s in our own backyard, at the lake, or by any body of water, on a walk, etc.

What is your day job? 
JC: Scot works at a foundry and I work out of the house. I run multiple businesses, one of which is called Love Note. I offer services including boarding, drop-in visits, walks, and daycare, as well as pet photography. My other business is called Midwest Jess. It’s a lifestyle site, blog and Etsy shop!

What is your favorite thing about being a pet owner?

JC: Rescuing is a passion of ours. Every time Savannah gains confidence or does something new-she had never barked until this year-I’m in tears. The bond we have with each of them is so special. I just feel lucky to be able to show them love every day!

Name: Holly Yocum+Esky

Holly and Brian Yocum are owned by dogs Esky (pictured), a Catahoula shepherd mix and Loki, a lab mix. They live in Liberty. 

How did you meet your dogs?

HY: From the minute we decided to have dogs, Brian and I agreed that they would only come from the pound. We wanted the dogs who were treated the worst so that we could love them the most. Esky was a rescue dog that we adopted when he was 16 weeks old from the Atchison Humane Society. Loki was adopted from Kansas City Pet Project just a few months ago. His story is a real bummer and he is a definitely a work in progress.

What’s your favorite thing to do with your dogs?

HY: We love to watch them roughhouse with one another and just smile huge goofy grins. They love Mcdonald’s Cheeseburgers, pup cups, morning snuggles and evening walks.

What is your day job?

HY: Brian works for Coca-Cola as a technician and I am a paralegal. 

What is your favorite part of being a pet owner?  

HY: It’s just the unconditional love that these guys give me. Dogs are hilarious and brilliant and once you welcome them into your pack they are loyal forever. No one will love you like a dog will.