Keep your children and pets safe with cordless window treatments

A room isn’t complete without a treatment for the windows, for both practical and aesthetic reasons. When you have little ones around, whether human, feline or canine, safety comes first. Pets and babies can get tangled in cords and strangle themselves. Here are five options for keeping your loved ones safe, according to the experts at One Stop Decorating, your source for Hunter Douglas custom shades, designer draperies, and more.  

1. Cord cleats–these handy little gadgets wind cords up so that animals and babies can’t reach them. This makes a standard slat blind much safer. 

2. Choose blinds that don’t have a cord. All of the products at One Stop Decorating have the option of using a retractable cord that stores safely in the upper housing, leaving only a tassel to grab when needed. 

3. Choose blinds with internal cords. With the internal cords, homeowners simply control the height by gripping the bottom bar or handle and pulling down or pushing gently up. A wand controls the horizontal slats, allowing full control of the light. 

4. Think outside the mini blind! Another stylish option is internal shutters. Shutters operate on hinges and attach to your existing trim. Much like external shutters, you can open and close the entire shutter like a door or raise and lower the slats using a solid bar allowing for more filtered light. An added plus? Internal shutters can match any decor and have the luxe look of built-in treatments combined with extreme durability. 

5. For larger windows and doors, consider a sliding shade like the Vertiglide line. With no cords at all, these large panels cover windows and sliding glass doors, pulling horizontally across to block light and heat with a solid panel of beautiful fabric, available in a wide array of patterns and colors.