Mover and Shakers 7

Gentlemen making a difference


What does it mean to be a mover and shaker? It means raising the bar and thinking outside the box. The men that populate our 2018 Movers and Shakers list all have one thing in common–they found their own path and have excelled at something about which they are passionate. Whether it’s landscaping, genetics, real estate or pastry, these men are making the Northland richer through their continued innovation.


Alisdair Philp, PhD, MS, CGC, Kansas University Medical Center

What does a bowtied, Brit know about the Northland? Plenty. Alisdair Philp is a resident of Weston with his wife and three dogs. Although he started his career in the music industry, he found his passion in medicine, achieving an honors degree and PhD in genetics in 6 years. Now, he sees himself as a communicator, bridging the world of real people and the maze of genetics.

His day to day work involves helping patients understand genetic testing; how it affects them, their family, and how to decide if it’s right for them. His main focus is on inherited cancer syndromes (breast, colon, ovarian cancers, etc.), which he sees as a timely subject in the age of ‘precision medicine’ with most diagnostic testing costing less than $250.

So what does a geneticist do in his downtime? He dances of course! Philp is active in the swing dancing scene, practices and teaches Tai Chi, and speaks Italian, French, and rudimentary Mandarin Chinese. Is diversity in his genes? Only he can find out.


JC Gregg, contestant on Season Three, ABC’s “The Great American Baking Show”

When JC Gregg enters a room, there are two things you’ll instantly notice: the red-headed baker will be snappily dressed (most likely sporting a bowtie) and he’ll be the life of the party. Recognized for his beautiful and distinctive baked goods and super-sized personality, Gregg adds a liberal dash of tasteful fun wherever he goes.

Last year was transformative for the Kansas City baker—he shed 150 pounds after receiving gastric bypass surgery and overhauling his lifestyle. What he lost in inches, Gregg

gained in self-confidence. He not only elevated his style game a notch or two, Gregg’s passion for baking—which started 16 years ago following the heartbreak of losing his

mother—blossomed. For Gregg, baking was a way to honor the most important woman in his life and flourished into a deep love for creating sweet treats and making others smile.

Creativity is one of Gregg’s many culinary trademarks. He tweaks recipes, giving them his own spin and vision, and develops recipes based on intuition and research. His family and friends comprise an eager focus group, tasting new desserts and offering Gregg feedback. Gregg’s prolific baking benefits many Kansas City-area charitable causes, like raising funds to help three children orphaned after their parents were fatally shot during a home invasion or bringing awareness to childhood hunger through No Kid Hungry’s Annual Community Bake Sale. He wants to see his goodies do good which, in the end, is the perfect recipe for this bearded, bow-tied baker with a huge heart.


Jake Green, Owner of Complete Hardscapes, LLC

Jake Green has always loved being outside and when it came to choosing a career, he went with something that he loved—construction. After a few years, he found his true passion in creating custom hardscapes such as outdoor living spaces, retaining walls, and anything else that his clients can imagine. For the last six years, Complete Hardscapes has made a name for itself as one of the premier companies for fulfilling outdoor living dreams.

What sets Green apart is his commitment to personalization for his clients. Each project is unique and he dedicates his time to ensuring that each client is completely happy with the final results. To that end, Green continues his education in new and emerging techniques in the industry.

In his off time, Green is a family man. Married for three years to his wife, Ashley, they spend most of their time chasing their two-year old daughter, Makenzie. They love gardening, backyard BBQs, and spending time as a family.


Kevin Trimble, Keller Williams

Kevin Trimble has always been a people person. With more than 30 years in the Northland under his belt, he’s met his fair share of people, both as the longtime CEO of St. Luke’s Hospital until 2015 and more recently as a top selling real estate agent in the Northland. Trimble focuses mainly on residential real estate but he’s recently expanded into commercial and land sales as well. In his first year in real estate, he claimed the top title by having the highest volume of sales in a four state region. Not bad for a rookie!

But his shift into real estate was just a natural outgrowth of his longtime community involvement. Trimble serves on the board of Tri-County Mental Health, as well as the Clay County EDC currently, and has been served on many more civic boards over the years. He resides in the Northland with his wife and raised two adult daughters here. His newest hobby is spending time with his four month old granddaughter. When they need an escape, Trimble and his wife enjoy cruising, especially in the Caribbean.