Like Father, Like Son 4

Marco and Adrian Rabello Share a love of football and family

Marco Rabello may have different childhood memories than most Northlanders. Rabello grew up in Sao Paolo, Brazil and brings the flavors of his childhood to his River Market restaurant, Taste of Brazil. This Park University graduate is passionate about giving diners a peek at what daily Brazilian cuisine is like, not just Brazilian barbeque. He’s also passionate about his family, including his 10-year son, Adrian. Here are a few of their favorite things.



  1. Soccer–Adrian plays forward and midfield on his team but when he wants inspiration, he cheers for Qatar and Barcelona.
  2. Fortnight and FIFA Soccer
  3. Favorite hobby–Fishing
  4. Pao de Qeijo
  5. Dream vacation spot–Egypt



  1. Soccer–Corinthians Sport Club and Sporting KC
  2. Cooking-Outside of the restaurant, Rabello cooks at home two to three times a week
  3. Spending time with the family
  4. Riding his bicycle