Horse farm and training facility also serves as event center

Rebecca Randles’ voice perked up as she spoke about Liberty Farm Equestrian Center, a 20-acre farm and event center with 44 horse stalls. Randles, a lawyer who specializes in child sex abuse cases, has owned the farm for twenty years.

“When trainer Jeff Tryon joined us in 2015, we reimagined the farm and horse training facility as a public event center,” Randles says. “Being a lawyer is my vocation. Horses are my avocation. The farm is a way to get rid of negative vibes from work and enjoy the beauty and artistry of the animals. The farm also brings happiness to lots of kids. Kids are my mission.”


Liberty Farm Equestrian Center hosts events, monthly meetups that celebrate an “equestrian lifestyle,” a fall family fun festival, and other gatherings. The Center also offers private and semi-private horseback riding lessons for riders at all levels and ages, including beginners, recreational riders, and show ring competitors.


“It’s like family at the farm,” Randles says. “Once you get the itch to ride and be around horses, you have it for the rest of your life.”


Randles started riding horses when she was two-years-old. Saddlebred horses are a favorite.


“I’ve had horses nearly all of my life,” she says. “When I lived in Boston, I’d make my husband drive me 30 minutes to the country just so I could see horses.”


Randles created the equestrian center as a way for the public to learn about and share a love of horses and equestrian culture. Equipped with a round pen, paddock, stalls, and indoor and outdoor areas, the Center schedules horseback riding camp and mini camps for adults and children.


Tryon, an expert horse trainer, works with colts, prospective show horses and finished horses.

With more than 30 years of experience under his belt, Tryon has cross-trained with western horses, Arabian horses, quarter horses, and show horses.


“Jeff came to us from Callaway Hills Stables near Jefferson City,” Randles says. “His philosophy is to train horses from a happy place. Jeff has trained virtually every breed of horse. Saddlebred horses are his passion. They are social, smart, and high-spirited but safe for children. They’re a unique breed.”


Tryon, who has trained horses in eight states, has worked for and learned from world championship trainers such as Sonny Sutton, Richard Obenauf, and Dena Tanner Lopez.


The public is welcome to attend free monthly meetups at Liberty Farm Equestrian Center, visit with the staff, and meet the horses.

“They can learn about the horses and ride for a few minutes,” Randles says.

The Center’s camps and lessons provide another means of learning about and participating in equestrian culture and a shared love of horses.


Liberty Farm Equestrian Center is also available to rent for event. The Center works with Ben Carrick of Meeting Excellence, who has planned fundraisers, dances, and parties at the farm and facility.



Liberty Farm Equestrian Center

2015 Hillview Rd., Liberty, MO 64068