On the Move

Happy New Year! 

I’m excited to start 2018 off right foot–in tennis shoes, that is. January is our Active issue and our exploration of yoga in the Northland should be plenty of inspiration to start where you are and aim for where you want to be. 

For my part, I started hitting the gym back in December. After all, how can you roll your eyes at all the January 1 workout fanatics if you don’t start by December 31st? Actually, my new focus on fitness is a purely practical one. My daughter just started walking and I know that my days of sitting are over. I want to be able to keep up with her and that means fitting in a little more weight lifting than just what I call ‘benching my baby’. While she likes it, it’s not quite enough! 

Having a baby helps in other ways, too. I find myself learning how to eat again, or more accurately, how to eat well again. When you have two little eyes watching you all the time and grabbing at what must be delicious because mama is eating it, you start to rethink your food choices. Not only is diet one of the most effective ways to drop the baby weight, it’s also a good way to think about what I’m teaching my daughter about good food choices. Where I might have reached for the chips a year ago, now I turn to fruit and veggies for snacks. Every meal has a lot of color in it, protein, and unprocessed carbs. It’s easy to fall into the trap of goldfish crackers and tubes of yogurt (and sometimes that happens too), it’s just as simple to peel a cutie and make a slice of almond butter toast. And the best part? In this fleeting moment in time, she likes them! 

I hope that your family finds a way to find your fitness in the new year, whether by trying a new routine or changing up your dinner choices. Here’s to a healthy 2018! 



On the Cover: NKCYoga offers a place for Northlanders to find their balance. Read more about them and the other new yoga studios on page ____. Photography by Aaron Leimkuehler.