Love. That’s what many of our thoughts turn to in the month of February. There are the naysayers, of course, those that chalk Valentine’s Day up as a commercial holiday started by Hallmark. And maybe there is a bit of that, but I, for one, choose to see it as a reason to celebrate. And for our February issue, we will find those in the Northland that show their love in tangible ways by creating something to share with their neighbors. 

I’m lucky to call Brock and Erica Schulte my friends so when I started thinking of a sweetheart cocktail, I knew there was no one better to ask. Their concoction, “We’ll Always Have Paris of the Plains,” is the perfect drink to set the mood–complex, effervescent, and light. You can find the recipe in our Hops & Vine department. 

Jessica and Ryan Mead are making their mark with a curated storefront, Tyler Kingston Mercantile, in the up and coming Armour Road corridor. While Ryan uses his hands to create his masterpieces, Jessica uses her eyes to spot the trends that we will all want in our homes. Together, they’ve created a storefront that is as hip as it is diverse. 

Although many of our featured makers deal in the tangible, Ann Lachowitzer and her team at St. Charles Borromeo Academy are making scholars out of children. With the school’s recent shift to a classical model, they are fording into new and old territory as they go back to basics to create a firm learning foundation. Read their phoenix from the ashes story on page 26. 

There’s a whole lot of love going around the Northland these days and I’m excited to bring it to you. We had a lot of fun working on this issue so let me know what you liked! I love getting feedback from our readers. In the meantime, here’s a journalistic hug to all of you as we enjoy this Valentine’s Day together. 



Correction: In our January issue, we mistakenly misspelled Kevin Trimble’s name in our headline for his holiday party. We regret the error.