A Moveable Feast

Food and Wine. These are subjects near and dear to my always hungry, always thirsty heart. This month we focus on the things that bring us together, specifically around the dinner table. I love to cook, so the kitchen has always been a place where I feel at home. Hopefully, you do as well. If you don’t, then you might find the remedy to that unease within these pages!

In this issue, we peek inside the home and kitchen of Josh and Abbey-Jo Eans, owners of Happy Gillis Cafe and Hangout and the Columbus Park Ramen Shop, and newly minted Northlanders. The couple fills their life with food, some simple, some extravagant, but all nourishing to their family of five. With two chefs in the kitchen and three young helpers, the Eans house always has something cooking.

For those that don’t know a julienne from a chiffonade, there’s hope for you, too! The Kearney Culinary Academy is excited to open their kitchens to the uninitiated, and even if you don’t leave a chef, you also won’t go hungry. Classes run the gamut from basic to advanced, and all ages are welcome. So never fear, those of you that can’t boil water. You can always learn!

It’s fitting that November is our food and wine issue as many of us gather around the Thanksgiving table. No matter what the menu, we all have much to be thankful for. I know that I am looking forward to sharing turkey and mashed potatoes and pecan pie with my family, playing cards or dominoes afterward and then falling asleep safe in the knowledge that there is more food tomorrow. I know that I’m blessed, and not all have that security. It’s in this season of plenty that those without feel it the most. I encourage you to find an organization like Feed Northland Kids to engage with this holiday season and make sure that more bellies are full this year. I know that one of the things that I’m grateful for is the readers of this magazine, those that I am lucky enough to connect with, and those whose stories I’m privileged to tell. Thank you all.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Correction: In the October issue, the Gary Crossley Ford Fill the Bus event incorrectly stated that the supplies benefitted North Kansas City schools. In fact, they supported all the school districts north of the river. We regret the error.