Headrush Roasters brews up coffee and tea for the Northland 16

Kansas City is consistently rated in the top 10 for best coffee culture in the United States; there are upwards of 25 independent and eclectic coffee shops in the area. Headrush Roasters, owned by Eric, Nancy and Joel Schneider, has recently opened a second coffee shop location in the Village at Briarcliff and is excited to continue to support the coffee community.

With many coffee shops, it could be easy to blend in. One distinctive element that sets Headrush Roasters apart from the other independent coffee shops is their ability to micro-roast on site.

“What sets us apart is our ability to roast in the shop, which others don’t have. We have a fluid bed air roaster on site, which allows us the ability to micro roast on demand. We can have 1 pound of coffee ready in 6 minutes; you can’t get a fresher cup of coffee. Nobody else does that. Our number one coffee seller is a really good coffee from Ethiopia; it is fruity in nature,” Eric Schneider says.

While coffee is one of their main interests, Schneider says that they also consider themselves a true tea shop, and that sets Headrush Roasters above the others as well.

“Tea is not second fiddle here; we take it seriously. We have 60 loose leaf teas, which is the largest in the KC Metro area. My wife, Nancy, is educated in tea, so she will not carry a tea that doesn’t meet her standards. We specialize in matcha, an authentic Japanese grown tea that is ground into a powder. In addition, we have also added a selection of USDA organic wellness blends that are created with the highest quality teas, herbs, and spices. There are absolutely no artificial flavors or additives. Each blend is formulated with certain health goals in mind, but all promote helping, healing, and supporting the body’s overall wellness,” Schneider says.

The Briarcliff location opened in June, but the Schneider’s Gladstone location at 72nd Street and North Oak Trafficway has been open for four and a half years. When choosing a location for their second shop, Schneider says the old Latte Land space in The Village at Briarcliff was a natural place.

“This is close to home, and far enough from the original location to be beneficial. We’re getting people from the City Market, people stopping on their way to and from work. We live in the Northland, and we are committed to keep developing the area. We have no desire to go South. We are a suburban shop where families and high school and college students like to come; we’re proud to cater to them. I love the atmosphere we have and what it offers people: a place to unwind, introspect, meditate,” Schneider says.

Current projects include adding some shading outside for outdoor seating, as well as adding a fire pit. The view from Headrush Roasters provides an outstanding view of the Kansas City skyline and once the outdoor seating is ready, a perfect place to enjoy a cup of coffee or tea with a homemade scone.

“What brings customers to us is the quality-we roast here, our tea is sourced carefully. We have a high-quality drink that keeps them coming back,” Schneider says.

For more information, check out their website at HeadrushRoasters.com or Facebook at @HeadrushRoasters.