Fuel for the Fire

Dear Readers,

The Northland is booming. North Kansas City is exploding with new businesses. The infrastructure is laid for thousands of new homes in the Twin Creeks development. And what is fueling all of this fire? Coffee!

I’ve always been a coffee fan and I prefer my beans dark and my brews strong. When I started drinking craft beer several years ago, coffee beers and stouts that inherently incorporated the flavors of coffee, where my gateway into the wider world of beer. This issue celebrates both of those beverages so that from sun up to sun down, you can enjoy life with your beverage of choice.

Meet Alex Merrell of Hammerhand Coffee. His original location collapsed but that didn’t deter him. Now he’s gaining more fans by the day at this corner coffee shop on Liberty’s historic square. Local favorite Headrush Roasters is growing as it opens location number two at the Shops at Briarcliff Village. Who needs Starbucks when you have local brews?

For those that need a little more than caffeine, Colony KC and Calibration Brewery in North Kansas City have what you crave with cocktails and beer that incorporate coffee. And if you need to blow off a little steam, head to Draftcade where you can kill aliens or eat fruit while enjoying one of the 60 taps available.

Coffee has always been my vice but now I enjoy it more than ever as I feed my daughter breakfast and sip the first half of my cup hot and the second cold, hours later. I try to rationalize that it’s the best of both worlds–the jolt of hot java and the refreshment of cold brew in the same cup!

Enjoy this issue, friends and maybe I’ll see you over a latté soon!