Meet the Teacher of the Year: Bill Freund 1

What does it take to be Teacher of the Year? Ask Bill Freund! This middle school social studies and history teacher at St. Therese School is living his passion and the Sons of the American Revolution took notice, awarding him the American History Teacher of the Year Award for his outstanding efforts to make history come alive for his students. Get to know this Star Teacher!

What was your favorite subject in school when 
you were a kid?

My favorite subject in school as a child was History.  It was at Park College, though, when my interest in History really grew with the opportunity to learn from an eccentric professor.  This is when I realized this History was good stuff and began to see the importance of knowing about the past!

Which school supply do you look forward to buying most?

Nowadays, my favorite school supply to buy is Lysol or antibiotic hand soap, although I’m always adding to my collection of ties (170+).

What is your idea of a fun weekend night?

My wife and I love to go to O’Malley’s in Weston and listen to some great Irish Pub Rock music. Great atmosphere and fantastic bands!

What’s your favorite thing about the Northland?

Our favorite thing about the Northland is that we have everything we’d want to see, do or eat and it’s still not too congested.  We have a tradition of getting pizza every Friday night at Pizza Shoppe, that I started when I was in college in 1975.

What are your hobbies outside of class?

My hobbies are coaching basketball and volleyball at St. Therese School.

Who are the members of your family?

Barbara is my wife of 38 years. We have one daughter, Jill, a nurse in Dallas, Texas, who is married with one child, Ethan. Our son, William, has spent 17 years in Army, currently on 7th tour, and is married with one child, Amelia.

What are your guilty pleasures?

My wife would tell you I have two guilty pleasures, watching the news (I’ve been a “news/political junkie” since middle school), and watching old westerns, T.V. shows, and movies.  They are a reminder of a simpler time and the good guys always win.