Our Summer of Fun

Dear Readers,

Our Summer Adventures issue is always one of my favorites and this year is no exception! We hope you enjoy this month’s issue, as we’ve taken delight in its creation. So, take as many vacations as possible. As the saying goes, “you can always make more money – but you can’t always make more memories”. Reward the kids with things they get to do more than the things they get to have. This teaches them that true happiness resides in experiences as opposed to possessions. Relish the summer warmth and embrace the opportunities before you!

As I reflect upon the last 12 months, I feel abundantly blessed. From our publication’s partners (who make these issues possible) to the non-profits who do so much for our area’s needs, and to my Editor, Rachel, who tirelessly works to plug hyperlocal content on what it means to be a Northlander . . . thank you! I’m also uber grateful to reside in Weatherby Lake. My new friends and neighbors have welcomed my family with open arms. Thank you to each and every one of you. My heart smiles!

We are celebrating our 6th anniversary this month serving our Northland communities. It thrills me to no end when I’m stopped by people who share what this publication means to them. Please continue to reach out directly. Its funny, some readers share that they place us on the coffee table. And some disclose they “put us on the back of the toilet”. No matter where you read, we’re excited about it!

As many of you know already from your nominations last month, we are now asking you to vote this month for the best Northland businesses/organizations in our Reader’s Choice Awards. This is truly your voice and we want it represented. Please go to RCNorthland.com and cast your votes. Mayor Nan Johnston (of Parkville) was kind enough to agree to be our Auditor in tabulating the results. Thank you, Nan! We also appreciate those of you who attended our kickoff event for this year’s best of 2017. We will be hosting another event to celebrate the winners in each category soon. Stay tuned! Also, keep an eye out for the large spread (in our October issue) featuring the winners in each category. We’re honored to recognize their achievements with you.

See you around town!