Marian Hope’s Trivia Night

Marian Hope's Trivia Night 5

Smarties from across Kansas City came together for a night of trivia, costumes, and fun at Marian Hope’s Trivia Night with the real winners being the children benefiting from Marian Hope services and support.

Kindest Kansas Citian Awards Gala

Kindest Kansas Citian Awards Gala 9

A sold-out crowd of more than 400 enjoyed a heartwarming evening filled with food, fun and inspiring stories of kindness. The gala celebrates the ripple effect of kindness, and benefits Synergy Services work to stop bullying and overcome violence in our community.

VFW Youth Awards Presentation

VFW Youth Awards Presentation 10

VFW Post 7356 and its Auxiliary in Parkville presented awards to Scout of the Year, Creative Patriotic Art Award winner, Patriot’s Pen, and Voice of Democracy on April 8th at 6 p.m. It was a wonderful event were over $4,000 in scholarships were awarded to local youth.

Our Summer of Fun

Our Summer of Fun

Dear Readers,
Our Summer Adventures issue is always one of my favorites and this year is no exception! We hope you enjoy this month’s issue, as we’ve taken delight in its creation. So, take as many vacations as possible. As the saying goes, “you can always make more money – but you can’t always make more memories”. Reward the kids with things they get to do more than the things they get to have. This teaches them that true happiness resides in experiences as opposed to possessions. Relish the summer warmth and embrace the opportunities before you!

Happy Birthday to us!

Happy Birthday to us!

That’s right, it’s our Anniversary issue once again! I’ve had the pleasure and privilege of learning about the great stories of the Northland since just after I moved to the area myself. It’s been a great crash course in the best places to eat, shop, and spend time with my loved ones. I’m a particular fan of the Waggin’ Trailz Dog Park and the Line Creek trail but those are just the tip of the iceberg.

Talking to Kids about money

Talking to Kids about money

As your children begin to launch careers and financial lives of their own, it doesn’t mean that your parenting job is over. In fact, your kids could probably use your guidance now more than ever as they navigate their own path toward independence. They just might not know how to ask. And as confident as they may appear, there’s a good chance they’re unsure about how to manage their finances independently — and may still look to you as a trusted resource.

An Unexpected Journey Leads to ‘We Rock the Spectrum Kids Gym’

An Unexpected Journey Leads to  'We Rock the Spectrum Kids Gym' 16

The birth of Cassidi Jobe’s first son, Parker, changed her life in ways she never expected.
“There wasn’t a single part of my life that wasn’t impacted in one way or another,” recalls Cassidi.
Parker’s life started out just like most others. He began crawling and uttered the unforgettable first words. At about 16 months, he stopped. He stopped talking; he stopped eating and sleeping. At 25 months, Parker was diagnosed with regressive autism.

Velo Garage and Tap House Unites Beer and Bike Culture

Velo Garage and Tap House Unites Beer and Bike Culture 10

Velo Garage and Tap House hits a sweet spot, the overlapping section of a Venn diagram between groups of cycling enthusiasts and craft beer fans.
Co-owners Kiley Sutter and Steve Borden opened Velo in March 2017. The business has two halves – a craft beer taproom and bike shop. That combination might seem odd, but it appeals to many customers that either drink beer or ride bikes as a hobby. Often, they enjoy both activities.

July 2017 Around Town

July 2017 Around Town

CommunityAmerica Credit Union and Junior Achievement of Greater Kansas City recently launched JA Finance Park Virtual, an innovative online financial education program in the Liberty Public School District on June 5. The 6-week program will serve 8th grade students in Liberty and will expand to serve middle and high school students across the metro this fall. The program provides a hands-on learning opportunity to help students understand the impact of educational, financial and lifestyle decisions in a fun and relevant way.

The Great Escape

The Great Escape 6

Since White Heat was the first movie filmed on the island in 1934 to 2015’s Jurassic World, Kauai has been the stunning backdrop of more than 60 movies. Check out some of the views featured in the films, including waterfalls and the Na Pali Coast sea cliffs on a relaxing helicopter tour, or dive deep into a more intimate view of the island by exploring the Garden Island’s marked hiking paths. Hit the trails and explore the floor of Waimea Canyon or the bogs of Alakai Swamp for an up close and personal view of the landscape. Visiting the island’s North Shore? Then check out the Wai Koa Loop Trail, a 5-mile trek through North America’s largest mahogany forest.

The Swimwear Edit

The Swimwear Edit 17

The Swimwear Edit—as summertime heats up, stay cool in this season’s hottest swimwear.

Chicken N Pickle

Chicken N Pickle 2

To say that Chicken N Pickle is a restaurant is to sell it short. According to Bill Crooks, (whose self-dubbed title is ‘pickleball boy’) it’s really an entertainment hub. The complex, located at 1761 Burlington in North Kansas City, does hum with activity and while an adult beverage may be procured, it’s surprisingly family friendly.
Chicken N Pickle opened late last year with the promise of, well, chicken and pickleball. Pickleball is a tennis/ping pong hybrid that is sweeping the nation. Less physically demanding than tennis, due to smaller courts and lighter paddles, it’s gained a loyal following among both old and young alike. Chicken N Pickle has both indoor and outdoor courts so game play may continue throughout the year, although Crooks says that he has seen fanatics playing outdoors in 35-degree weather during the winter.