For the Love of the Northland 3

Successful attorney and real-estate agent share their love for the Northland

Roughly 20 miles wide and 20 miles long, the Northland is considered home to many residents. For Bob and Margie Langdon of Parkville, there is no other place they want to live.

“We consider the Northland the best well-kept secret. The housing is affordable, it’s central to everything with great schools. It’s family-friendly, and a place we want to raise our family. And after the kids are gone, we will still love it,” says Bob Langdon.

Langdon is one of the partners at Langdon and Emison Attorneys at Law. With offices in Kansas City, St. Louis, and Chicago as well as doing business and attending conventions all across the United States, close proximity to an airport is a must.

“When we lived in Lexington, it was easily an hour to the airport, which meant early mornings and late nights. Then with the change in the economy a few years ago, that meant fewer flights, which limited us even more. That was one big factor that drew us to the Northland: proximity to the airport. Now, he’s 10-12 minutes from the airport, depending on traffic lights,” Margie Langdon says.

In 2010, Bob was one of two Missouri attorneys to be named “Legal Champion” as part of Missouri Lawyers Weekly’s “Lawyer of the Year” program. When the Lexington office became too small, and a move was necessary, Bob searched for offices all over the Metro Kansas City area before settling in North Kansas City.

“We’ve doubled our size in the NKC location. It’s a great central location, with a parking lot where guests can pull right up to our doors instead of hunting for a parking space in a parking garage. The internet services that are available to businesses in NKC is the rival of Silicon Valley quality regarding speed and process power. I can hook into the hub in the Lexington office, or the phone can ring in both offices,” Bob says.

After a trip to Europe, the Langdons began changing their grocery store habits based on what they saw there, and the grocery stores in the Northland help this lifestyle.

“A friend in Germany said, ‘why would you eat a chocolate bar that is good for five years?’ That really changed our habits. We buy everything that day; everything is fresh which gives us a healthier lifestyle.” Bob says.

Margie grew up in the Northland, graduating from St. Pius, and the feeling of ‘coming home’ after living in Lexington was important to her. She now devotes her time to finding homes for others in the Kansas City area as a real estate agent with Reece and Nichols.

“For me, it was a real sense of community and neighborhood that drew me to the Northland. I wanted a place for my kids with sidewalks and pools, where they can play games outside and feel safe. The schools are fantastic–you can’t go wrong anywhere in the Northland for a school district. There are so many options for educating your children,” Margie says.

As a real estate agent, it’s important for Margie to be a part of the community where she sells. With an office in Burlington Creek, she’s right in the heart of it. Her office is in a place that helps her stay connected to the community, and where she can be a part of changes and be in the know.

“The old In-A-Tub was our hangout, the original one down on Oak Street. We used to park and just hang out. We still go about once a year to get our taco fix. And the roller rink over on Chouteau; it was the happening place on Friday night. We still go to the one in Riverside, but it doesn’t have the same feel as the Chouteau one did growing up,” Margie says.

The Northland offers a complete package for the Langdons both professionally and personally. It’s good to have a place to call home.