Dear Dad. . . 1

Happy Father’s Day everyone! Our June issue is a love letter to men–the fathers, brothers, sons and neighbors that we can rely on, laugh with, and love. Look beyond the stereotypes–the meat, beer, sports, etc–and there are some amazing stories all over the Northland.

Andy Martinez can attest that family can mean everything. Andy is a Special Olympian and together with his parents, Kathy and Michael, he has found that autism can’t slow down a man with a plan. Michael and Kathy have given all that they can to give Andy a leg up and in turn, he raced ahead and found success in sports when some told him he would never be able to play.

If you’re looking for a getaway, follow Pete Dulin to South Beach where the rum flows and the cuisine skews decidedly Latin American. He’ll show you the best spots for eats, drinks and even a fine hat and cigar or two. Grab a cerveza and come along for the ride.

If the only thing that you know about the Lions Club is that they sell mints at restaurants, then definitely read Diana Lambdin Meyer’s piece on their 100 years of service. The club devotes itself to aiding those losing their sight, among other things. One Parkville man has spent 45 years with the Lions Club, doing good work right where he is.

And if you’re looking for inspiration, turn to our Parting Thoughts. If by Rudyard Kipling is one of my favorite of his poems. Kipling writes from experience and his wisdom echoes through the ages.

Thank you to all the men out there that work hard, play well, do their part, and serve as examples for the younger versions looking to them for guidance. Here’s to you!

Happy Father’s Day!