Relay for Life

Relay for Life 5

“You have cancer”.
These three little words are ones no one wants to hear. For Lori Ewing, one of the three chairs for the Relay for Life of KC North, she volunteers her time so that no one would ever hear those words again. New for 2017 is a combined relay from three existing ones– Liberty, Kearney, and Gladstone/Northland– into the Relay For Life of KC North. This really encompasses a much larger area – Kearney, Excelsior Springs, Liberty, Smithville, Gladstone, Parkville, Platte City and North Kansas City. The event will take place Friday, June 23rd at the South Valley Middle School track.

May 2017 Around Town

May 2017 Around Town

Tom Larson, Acting United States Attorney for the Western District of Missouri, presented the annual Crystal Kipper & Ali Kemp Memorial Award today to Synergy Services in recognition of the organization’s valued contribution to preventing and responding to the exploitation of children.

Liberty Farm Equestrian Center Spring Fling

Liberty Farm Equestrian Center Spring Fling 3

Liberty Farm Equestrian Center hosted two MeetUps. The Family-Friendly MeetUp included games, dinner, and each child rode a horse. At the Adult MeetUp, attendees met the horses, watched a lesson by trainer/manager Jeff Tryon, saw demonstrations, rode horses, and enjoyed a Q&A and dinner with Tryon and owner Rebecca Randles.

Who runs the world?

Who runs the world?

That’s a great question! According to Beyoncé, girls run the world, but I think that the case can be made for women in general. And in May, we are focusing on the women that are changing the world in a variety of ways.

A Mother’s Prayer

A Mother's Prayer

“[Motherhood is] the biggest gamble in the world. It is the glorious life force. It’s huge and scary—it’s an act of infinite optimism.” – Gilda Radner
Oh, Gilda, you were as wise as you were funny. It’s true, you know. It is huge and scary to hold someone as small and vulnerable as your newborn child. I had held babies before but never with the heart bursting love that I held my own last September. I’ve never felt the same overwhelming emotion that I felt as they wheeled me out of the hospital, her car seat clutched in my lap, as I prayed frantically that I would know what to do when we hit the road and headed home, a place where a mere 72 hours before only had two human residents. Now it had three. We were three. Finally.

Mudbug Cajun Po’ Boy Sandwiches

Mudbug Cajun Po' Boy Sandwiches 7

PO’ boys.
If you’ve ventured far enough south of the Mason-Dixon line you may have been lucky enough to stumble upon the great American South’s answer to the hero, the submarine, or the hoagie sandwich. Po’ boys are sort of ironic–sure they are peasant food, but they can certainly get pretty rich, pretty fast.

Hooked On Politics

Hooked On Politics 1

Each night, approximately 35,000 people in the Northland go to bed with one thing in common. They all live in communities governed by mayors that are women.
Mayors Nan Johnston, Jean Moore, and Kathy Rose of Parkville, Gladstone, and Riverside, MO, respectively, serve as leaders of their cities. Though they each traveled different paths to arrive at this same destination, ultimately, they are more alike than different.

Jane Bromberg Crafts Quilts Into Memorable Works of Art

Jane Bromberg Crafts Quilts Into Memorable Works of Art 3

Vibrant lime, purple, black, and white colors define the visual appeal of Jane Bromberg’s current project. The quilt’s bold aesthetic hardly resembles the traditional patterned quilts stereotypically associated with doting grandmothers in rocking chairs and hand-me-down keepsakes.