Happy Easter!

Happy Easter, friends! Although this winter was mild by any standard, it was still winter and I’m so glad to see my daffodils thriving despite late frosts. I’m excited to finally have warm breezes, midwestern thunderstorms, and the softly greening ground to walk upon with my daughter.

This month, we are all about the farm and the table–and how more people are placing a greater importance on the connection between the two of them. Peggy Parolin investigates the science behind the farm-to-table movement with the farmers at Bayer Crop Science. Their work is making local farms more profitable which make our dinner tables richer places to dine.

Dr. Philippe is going back to his roots in a very meaningful way-this MD is giving back in his home country of Haiti. After Hurricane Matthew struck last year, he was emboldened to step up the work of his nonprofit, Sante Haiti and his tireless efforts are making a difference.

I’m particularly looking forward to Easter this year. The first year with a new baby is always full of exciting firsts and as she will be nearly seven months on April 16th, she’s learning to explore the world around her more and more. I can’t wait to show her the surprise of plastic eggs filled with (non-swallowable) trinkets, and maybe try some spring fruits and veggies as she learns to appreciate solid food. And while Easter isn’t about the bonnets and bows, I can’t deny my excitement at putting my daughter in the blue tulle dress that her Gigi bought for her and taking her to church. I now understand the feeling of fullness in my heart when I see my family all in a pew together on Sunday mornings, just as my mother did before me.

This is such an amazing time of year-everything seems new and full of possibility. Hold onto that feeling, friends. Spring is more than an equinox; it’s a state of mind. Enjoy it!

Happy Easter!