The Nest

Pregnant. That’s what the digital screen on the test said. One word but when it’s THAT word, it means so much. We had been hoping and praying for that word and it was finally here. That’s when the whirlwind began to get our house in shape for our coming baby girl.

When you see home renovation shows on TV, they cut out about 90% of the work or have it done by a large team. Newsflash, nothing is ‘crashed’ when you’re doing it yourself and paying friends in beer and brats. Our house has been a labor of love, mainly the labor of my husband. That means things take a little longer but when a deadline like nine months pops up, you spring into action.

Many of our projects were wrapping up or were in the decoration stage instead of construction, thank goodness, but one very important room needed to be started from scratch–the nursery. When we found out we were pregnant, it was an office, cluttered and disheveled, seldom used. While initially, our guest bedroom was to be the baby’s room, that quickly changed when we saw how much space baby paraphernalia sucked up. The office was the larger space and so the plan came together.

When we found out we were having a girl, decisions had to be made. I’ve never liked ‘baby’ pink, so that was definitely out. We needed something to anchor the theme. An ocean theme was the first idea, but when we chose to name her middle name after a nebula, our focus shifted the opposite way–to the stars. Our theme in place, we could charge upward and onward.

I’ve never been the most observant of people when it comes to decor, but I can tell good from bad. My husband, on the other hand, has a keen eye for detail and very distinct opinions. As we chose the colors, pulled from a Hubble telescope photo of the nebula, it became clear that our opinions differed as to what purple is and the very definition of lilac. I’m fairly certain that we were entertainment for the paint department at Home Depot.

Slowly but surely, it came together–an angled line of deep purple and lavender coursed down the wall. Pieces of art were ordered to represent her first and middle name. The perfect green shag rug was procured from At Home. Dressers were spray painted and a perfect changing table (or so we thought) was bought off of Craigslist. Piece by piece, I saw where my daughter would grow up. It is a room full of creativity and potential, the kind of place where a little girl could lie on the floor and let her dreams take her as far as they might go. As showers came and went, the room filled with books. A few lamps later, it was complete. It is the nest from which she will someday fly.

I love that room. She hasn’t slept in it yet but when she is six months old, she’ll leave the family heirloom cradle by my bed and come home to her own room. Right now, it’s where she plays on her activity mat, listens to her father read at night and giggles as we play peekaboo on the changing table. It’s where her life will happen. I can’t wait for her dreams to fill it from top to bottom, just as my dreams of her have filled the rest of the house. It truly is home sweet home.