Home Sweet Home

Dear Readers,

Welcome to the Home issue! As someone that has stayed in quite a bit lately with a new baby, the issue of home is especially near to my heart. Finding the space where you can really relax is a tricky thing. Luckily here in the Northland, we have plenty to choose from so there’s something for everyone!

As one of the largest residential areas in the KC metropolitan region, the Northland is chock-full of cozy neighborhoods at every price point. What you get at each price point varies, of course. Want the little luxuries like community pools, tennis courts, and golf clubhouses? Find out where to find them and how much they cost in our story by Pete Dulin, Shopping for the Right Sized Home in the Northland.

For those that have the house but not the furnishings to make it feel like home, head to Samsara Vintage Home. While there are endless possibilities at their downtown Parkville shop, it’s the spirit of cousins, Juan Carlos and Alex Iglesias and their partner, Michael Coyazo, that will really inspire you. For this business, the journey was just as important as the destination.

No matter where you live, the most important part of any home is the people that live there. As March comes in like a lamb, let’s enjoy the beautiful weather, the Snake Saturday parade and hopefully, a little bit of luck this year.

Speaking of those special people, we are looking for the women and men in your life that have made a difference for our May and June Women’s and Men’s issues. Do you have a mother, father, sister, brother, grandparent or friend that stands out? I would love to hear about them! For consideration, please email me at RMurphy@lifestylepubs.com by March 31.

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!